Sentences with phrase «one's next line»

Vacation salvation: Since Frankle stopped using his card at smaller businesses he's has had fewer problems with identity theft, but his next line of defense is to keep his own identity out of it altogether by using a prepaid card.
Nintendo went all out for their next line of Amiibo figurines.
If this feature goes smoothly without any technical glitch on its flagship iPhone X, the brand will surely equip its next line of iPhones with Face ID.
with publisher Aksys Games have come together to bring you the next line of ghost-busters and throws you head-first into life-or-death battles against the ghosts that lurk in the darkness of Tokyo.
LG is also rumored to use Google Assistant to power its next line of Android Wear smartwatches, which are also set to unveil next month at the Mobile World Congress show.
I stood there paralyzed by fear for a few minutes, while the teacher from behind the curtains was giving me the next lines.
Understanding their way of life will help you comprehend why they act the way they do and you can likewise find her next line of activity on basic matters.
This time though, rather than pressing a button to inspect my notepad and pick my next line of questioning, I use one of the HTC Vive virtual reality headset's motion controllers to bring up my detective's notebook, and I use the other to tap my pen on the next option.
While thinking on it, read our next lines.
Former Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, National Chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff, on Thursday revealed his next line of action, saying he would continue to demand that the...
Holland acknowledges the limitations in the new data set: «These samples are just from one specific area of the southwest U.S.A.» But testing other mantle sources, he adds, is «our next line of work.»
In fact, there is even a slight pause between dialogue that makes it seem like they are either waiting for a laugh (that never lands) or trying to remember their next line.
And the roll out of Premiere + as a HDR streamer gives competitors like Amazon something to think about before launching their next line of streaming devices.
Your response to my letter will determine my next line of action since I am determined to use all lawful and legal means at my disposal to ensure that the provisions of the 1992 Constitution are upheld and complied with by all persons.
By then, Marc has already moved on to his next line - trying to debunk each inaccurate claim as it happens would be a mistake.
And if you've already got your eye on your Spring wardrobe don't fret, the beautiful Anubha is currently in India working hard on her next line so you'll have the perfect cover-ups when the weather warms up.
If your bike is stolen, your motorcycle theft insurance is your next line of defense.
This is something that Chinese phone giant Xiaomi recently demonstrated when it announced that it will begin selling its next line of phones, the Redmi Note 4G, through retail outlets belonging to India's largest telecom operator Bharti Airtel.
Apologies upfront for my next line — but Poch seems to have done a good job but realistically may be Koeman is the man to take us forward.
«While many investors are asking whether Apple might price its next line of iPhones much more aggressively, management commentary suggested a consistent strategy of pricing to value with each new iPhone carrying more technology and a higher bill-of-materials,» as she wrote.
When you're ready to pivot the conversation, your next line should be some derivative of, «Listen, the reason I'm calling is... blah, blah, blah.»
The best part of the lawyer's closing argument was his next line, Miller says, which «changes this from a really good closing story to a great one.»
The judge, ruling on the submission by Metuh's lawyer, Mr. Emeka Etiaba (SAN), said the claim that the defence would determine their next line of defence only after Jonathan testified in the case, was unknown to the law.
It sounds so deceptively simple in concept, but in practice it's astonishing how quickly you can become engrossed in the action, your eyes flicking back and forth like a drug addict eyeing up his next line.
I am secretly hoping you'll come out with a beautiful vintage-y blouse pattern in your next line...
Even though the NPP MPs described the Speakers decision as unfortunate they failed to indicate their next line of action.
«We are already working on our next line of cat products, and there are some really unique ingredients we've formulated,» she says.
But with the $ 1.5 + million USD in sales they did manage to create, and another $ 5 million in a fresh round of venture capital, the company took time to perfect their next line of shoes.
Now is a good time to invest in CPU technology, as performance on upcoming replacements is taking a back seat in favour of power efficiency - both AMD and Intel are only suggesting 5-15 per cent performance gains in their next line of CPUs.
We've put together a list of 10 ideas to inspire your next line of marketing moves.
Well, I live by the day and somehow leave my next line of action or ambition to God, I remained a very committed party man, in politics by call, I can honestly restate that I came into politics by call, I left a very lucrative job as a senior staff of NNPC and with 20 yes experience to politics that is full of uncertainty, I voluntarily retired my job and not sacked.
meaning I should bring all those feelings to bear on my next lines.

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