Sentences with phrase «one's own rabbit»

You can even ramp up your rabbit's eco-friendliness by growing your own rabbit food and buying hay direct from a local farmer.
Rabbits can get ear mites from direct contact with other rabbits, from being outside, and from our hands if we have recently handled an infected rabbit and then pet our own rabbit without washing.
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We ask that you care for your foster bunny like you would your own rabbit, which means giving them a comfortable place to live, showering them with love and affection, and keeping them healthy and properly cared for.
Speaker 1: Amy does this with her own rabbit and it's hilarious, Dusty will come right up to her face and take it right out of her mouth.
Amber not only fosters for Dogma, but she has her own rabbit rescue and is an expert in all things pocket pet!
For example, we read a book about rabbits and I had my students draw their own rabbit.
The hounds are cast in the hunting field and must search for their own rabbit to run.
Single hard-working country mother I have 2 wonderful boys I raise my own rabbits I have chickens and Ducks both for eggs and meat I raise rabbits for meat I'm not a girly girl looking for a real Southern gentleman someone who knows how to treat a woman with respect
It may be a «downer» to say this, but the desire to escape our hellish or mundane existence sometimes drives us to make poor choices, like Alice did, and dive down our own rabbit holes.
Content has its own rabbit holes: writers and designers fly off into lacy golden aesthetic clouds and forget their actual assignment, while coders always seem tempted away from the problem they NEED to solve by the one that would be INTERESTING (and fun) to solve.
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