Sentences with phrase «political jabs»

Colbert makes his political jabs with a smile, but they sting nonetheless.
Several moments where the political jabs really could have stuck get lost and, moments when the voters could be lampooned for their unforgivable stupidity, are tossed aside, too.
It's odd hearing her agree so thoroughly with the government and every so often she can't help herself and allows a quick party political jab in, not least on Labour pressure to allow churches to conduct gay marriages if they want to.
Needless to say, this is just a silly political jab by Senator Avella but we will not stand to be stepped on.
That may be an overly reductive reading, but it's one that suits the unapologetic bluntness of Zvyagintsev's political jabs.
Paul Schrader blends lethargic self-referentiality with anemic political jabs in The Walker, a murky, lead-footed character study-cum-murder mystery concerning Carter Page III (Woody Harrelson), a D.C. dandy who spends his days and nights escorting politicos» wives around town and dishing dirt with them over games of canasta.
But 99 % of these GW skeptics have no intention of learning; they just want to take political jabs at their political opponents, and they latch on to anything they read on the internet which would seem to support their political agenda.
Surprisingly, it turns up on Amazon's science fiction list — though there's also a few political jabs about the way America approaches social security, healthcare, and preparedness for natural disasters.
Families of Native American war veterans and politicians of both major parties are criticizing President Donald Trump for using a White House event honoring Navajo Code Talkers to take a political jab at a Democratic senator he has nicknamed «Pocahontas.»
«This governor and the mayor of New York City have taken political jabs at each other and at the same time, even on an issue like this, neither has shown the willingness to put muscle behind the positions they have taken,» Martin said.
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