Sentences with word «qa»

Qa (Ԛ ԛ; italics: Ԛ ԛ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script. Its form is based on the Latin letter Q (Q q). (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
HEllo my LO is 5 weeks old I had to give hime supplament because I was in thw hospital and then the meds I was on qas harmful for him now im trying to put him back to the breast he'll latch on fo like 5 minute than start pulling back and shaking his head cant rent a pump cuase im low on cash wat else can I do to increase my supply and how to gey him bak on the breast longet
TERRIBLE qa the game is unplayable if you have any issues at all with motion sickness.
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I moved on and mentally filed the «qa command away for later.
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Not sure if the degraded product is a result of poor qa or cut backs in ingredients but if the next box is the same crumbly batch, we will no longer purchase this product.
Use the following software qa engineer resume sample as a guide to create your own professional resume.
Top new controversial old random qa live.
Deluvery service qas quick too and overall buying experience was easy and simple.
The raktajino is a blend of Earth-sourced coffee (qa» vIn in Klingon), an unspecified Klingon liquor and dairy.

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