Sentences with phrase «rabbit droppings»

In fact, rabbit droppings contain a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus which is essential for flower and fruit production.
A helicopter equipped with radiation detecting equipment has been used to scan almost 4000 hectares of the USA's Hanford nuclear site in search of radioactive rabbit droppings.
We assume she picked this up from rabbit droppings.
i have an 11wk old puppy that ate some rabbit droppings can this hurt him in any way?
Naive tourists often mistakenly pick up fresh rabbit droppings, which are also green.
Instead, Bunny (conceived 1968, published 1972) is composed of rabbit droppings and straw rabbit food.
Flies are attracted to rabbit droppings and warm, damp areas such as a dirty rabbit's bottom, or dirty accommodation.
However, if your baby is really struggling, crying and their poops are like rabbit droppings, you should contact your doctor.
Many dogs, if they stumble upon rabbit droppings, will scarf them right up.
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