Sentences with phrase «rabbit feet»

Lucky Dog Costume Includes: Yellow tunic w / the following good luck charms attached: A red pair of dice, 2 green four leaf clovers, 2 white rabbit feet and 2 horse shoes.
This blurb at the Superficial amusingly jokes about Lindsay Lohan's newest lawyer's performance and her reaction: Within the first five minutes of representing her in court he hit on the judge then spent the rest of the time rubbing his lucky rabbit foot which even to someone as dumb as Lindsay Lohan, was a sure sign she's going right the fuck to jail.
Whatever type of cage you get, make sure that the floors and resting platforms are solid — not wire, which can hurt your rabbits feet.
the Easter bunny has burrowed into his hole and all that shows is his fluffy tale and giant rabbit feet.
So cross your toes and buy a rabbit foot.
Also, for non-professional rabbit caregivers and guardians, this handling technique can have beneficial effects on your rabbits» physical and emotional health and help you deal with many common health and behavioral issues, If you prepare to do battle when it's time to trim the toenails, using this technique on your rabbits feet can help your bunny accept the procedure without the usual struggle.
A noted Top Fuel drag racer, Gwynn carried the rabbit foot with him when he won several big races in the late 1980s.
«Vinnie Gentile couldn't raise enough money to buy all of the four-leaf clovers and lucky rabbits feet to help him win this race,» one Staten Island Democratic operative told the Observer.
That Nintendo sure knows how to gamble, they must have a magic lucky rabbits foot to give them all this luck on systems that should have been disastors.
That's why part of my deep value / growth strategy (something like Lynch) includes my fingers being crossed and a lucky rabbits foot.
Louis van Gaal must have a room full of four leafed clovers and rabbits feet at home because they have won the last five games in a row now and they were only the better team in one of them.
Over exposure to the uneven surface of a wire floor can puncture through the fur of the rabbits foot, infecting the tissue and creating a wound.
I am pleased to see Andy Carroll back to fitness (crosses fingers, buys lucky heather, finds rabbits foot, avoids ladders and path crossing black cats).
A new trailer has been released for zombie Easter bunny horror Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell, written and directed by The Snygg Brothers, you can check it out below after the official synopsis... If you see THESE rabbit feet, your luck just ran out... This Easter Sunday the rabbit gets to feast!
R1 is by default mapped to be the dedicated y-axis movement, but luckily the only real reason to use it is to look for platforms above your head to place your little rabbit feet.
It is the same thing with the superst!tions around sports, or carrying a lucky rabbits foot... people convince themselves these meaningless things have meaning.
I don't think anyone will have a serious opinion if you have a lucky rabbit foot, as long as it is not a severed foot of a real rabbit.
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