Sentences with phrase «rich harvest»

Seeing, for Clampitt, encompassed all five senses: her poems, like the flora she loved so much, run rampant with sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures, and a rich harvest awaits anyone who delves into this selection of her best work... [she] brought a fresh way of seeing to American verse, and this edition, despite a few shortcomings, abundantly displays the bracing light that her words shone on the surrounding world.
Both of them imply that we will find a rich harvest of new particles and new phenomena at the high energies we are just beginning to explore at Fermilab and CERN.
All those people returning by sea for the reunion, a rich harvest of exiles gathered in from the nations!
Will they prove to be mustard seeds that produce a rich harvest, or attempts to institutionalise something that is always going to be at its most fruitful when it is spontaneous, charismatic and somewhat marginal?
Westberg has harvested the fruits of this rapprochement for us, and it makes for a very rich harvest.
The major expansion in organic farming (currently the most buoyant sector of the agricultural industry in the UK and Europe) means there is a real shortage of graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge and, potentially, a rich harvest of career opportunities, according to Norman Stephen, who runs the postgrad course at SAC.
We anticipate a rich harvest of new scientific knowledge from VSOP,» said Dr. Paul Vanden Bout, Director of NRAO.
Not all sowing will bear fruit, but some seed will fall on good ground and bring forth a rich harvest as the reward of faith and steadfastness.
So his work was known much more intimately than Charles himself was, and that's the way he planned it — and what a rich harvest of paintings he's left to us!
Other parts of the ceremony involve locals burning pine torches while they pray for a rich harvest.
Lands that have, in past years, yielded rich harvests are now sown with a new and terrifying seed
The Romantic Vineyard A rich harvest of ideas to help your marriage grow.
However, others believe the city was named for its rich harvests.
The fall season is here, and we've gathered together around a particularly rich harvest of art for Artspace's annual fall auction.
Investors who followed my advice were about to reap a rich harvest.
Yet I have gleaned from the rich harvest of knowledge that has been gently shared with me from all of you.
While renowned actresses continue to demand equal pay for their work and to lobby for better representation of women on the screen, the 2015 crop of films did provide something to celebrate: a rich harvest of exceptional roles for women.
Labour politicians and Labour-friendly commentators have convinced themselves that the new-look Tories are fakes: that, like old-look Thatcherites, they are slavering at the thought of making savage cuts in spending; and that Labour in opposition will reap a rich harvest of disillusioned Tory voters without having to engage in painful rethinking of its own.
It is associated with tasty fruits, vegetables and a rich harvest... Moreover, there is always a reason to get out and have a picnic.
Baseball, it seems, is about to enjoy its third straight rich harvest of rookies, and Texas may reap the biggest prize in switch-hitting Second Baseman Bump Wills
Now I have a rich harvest with dozens of lemons which I use and give away to my family and friends.
Historical records (at least in Europe) clearly show that the Middle Ages was unusually warm, with long growing seasons and generally rich harvests (someone apparently forgot to tell Medieval farmers that they should have smaller crops in warmer weather).
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