Sentences with phrase «show reel»

Essentially featuring excerpts from much larger works, Turner 2013 functions like an Oscar night best director show reel.
With Prof Lubaina Himid she co-directed the interdisciplinary visual art research project Making Histories Visible based at UCLan and contributed the show reel Images and Conversations from the 1980s to the exhibition Thin Black Line (s) at Tate Britain in 2011.
Over two hundred of you have watched The Hollywood Actor's show reel, but the winner of the photo competition (by masses) was The One with The Sign.
Most take the conventional route of touching on the most important moments in their subject's life, turning what should be a satisfying narrative experience into an exhausting show reel.
Set in the Berlin of 1989, in the tense days and hours before the Wall's rupture, Atomic Blonde is less of a coherent movie experience and more of a show reel of Theron's awesome abilities as an action star — which is not a surprise, given her badass turns in Mad Max: Fury Road and this past summer's The Fate of the Furious.
We will be doing more on these titles as the weeks go by but for now check out the indie show reel.
The survey entitled «A Voice for Games: Towards a better actor's show reel» was put together to help actors put together better reels for video games.
Find out if the event is being filmed, ask for the footage and use it to create a show reel — to use for pitching more speaking gigs.
The exhibition takes as point of departure Images and Conversations from the 1980s (2011) by Susan Walsh, a show reel gathering rare visual material featuring images of artworks by pioneering Black British women practitioners, as well as conversations between the artist and curator Lubaina Himid and several of her peers.
This is the «show reel» of Dr Haluk Deda, a Turkish neurosurgeon who is setting up shop in Dubai, where he plans to offer autologous stem cell transplants to treat chronic spinal cord injuries and ALS, a condition with no known cure that generally leads to death within three to five years of diagnosis.
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