Sentences with phrase «simple greed»

Much of the man-made global warming hoax is driven by simple greed.
@deworde and barrycarter: I think deworde is close to right, but it is not so much pragmatism as simple greed, and barrycarter is right that police service is a poor example.
Most candidates» true motivation would disqualify them, ranging from simple greed to a record of unsatisfactory performance at the prior firm or firms.
Prosecutors, who said Trudeau's actions resulted in over $ 37 million in losses to consumers, had sought at least a 10-year sentence, saying in court papers he was motivated by simple greed and had bilked consumers and defied court orders.
you go for simple greed to get that eternal happiness..
Is it simple greed driving him, Fraser knowing fewer crewmembers means a larger share of sunken Nazi gold for him, or plain insanity?
Vince may rush into the game, but it is Craig who truly takes it to the next level, propelled by something more than simple greed: responsibility to his family, and a need to overcome his failed promise.
Feed-in tariffs are one of the fastest ways to grow green power, using simple greed to drive investment.
The premise is a little out there and follows Jupiter (Mila Kunis), an Earth janitor (and secret heir to an entire planet) who gets caught up in an intergalactic power struggle over simple greed.
There is a lot more going on at that beach house than simple greed.
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