Sentences with phrase «small rabbit»

To do this, the team first imported a CAD drawing of a curved surface, such as a small rabbit, then fed the model through a slicing program to generate a triangle mesh of the rabbit shape.
Large dog cages can be used for small rabbits who spend plenty of time outside the cage.
He is married with two children, a guitar and a small rabbit.
Some of the framing device is honestly a little bit flawed, considering that Judy could easily look over Rodentia, seeing even as a small rabbit she towers over the inhabitants of that particular area.
The barracudas follow in your shadow, darting out to snap up small rabbit fish!
A breeder in Holland was the first to use this gene to create very small rabbits.
The Romans are also thought to have transported to England with them small rabbit hunting hounds and bred them with... Read more
Their hindquarters back and shoulders are well muscled, especially for such a small rabbit.
As expected, chancellor George Osborne pulled a handful of small rabbits out of his hat as he announced his pre-electoral budget.
New Zealand rabbits need more space than small rabbit breeds and benefit from daily exercise outside of their cage to help keep them at a good weight.
One guy lost an arm when a small rabbit hit his sidecar.»
The theme is a twist on the «I-can-do-anything-better-than-you» idea in which the small rabbit tries to express his love for Big Nutbrown Hare using measures related to how far he can stretch, and is always lovingly surpassed by the elder.
Raisins are nice treats for rabbits, but you want to make sure that you really limit the quantity of treats, because a raisin is really a grape, shriveled down, right, so you're going to get the same amount of sugar in a single raisin that you get in a much bigger grape, and the raisin is so small the rabbit can easily over-ingest that kind of sugar.
Hay is specifically grown as food that can be dried and stored for herbivores, such as cows and horses, as well as small rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas kept as pets.
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