Sentences with phrase «t time»

It's the s p o o k i e s t time of year!
I'm sick of watching the same s ** t every time they take to the field, slow passing, no sense of urgency, giving the ball away, letting the opposition take the ball, the players look like they're in a training game for 90 % of each match.
It» t time for a change and the Glidden paint would serve us well.
«[A] t this time, if the U.S. is willing to deport people who are fleeing persecution to the risk of human rights violations, then I think we have a legal and moral obligation to not abide by that agreement and allow any asylum seeker to make their claim here in Canada,» says Pillay.
These guys hav e bee n ma ki ng bi ll ion do ll ar pro fits throu gh one of th e mos t di fficul t times in our co ntr ys history in al mos t o ne hu ndred years.
«(A) t a time when corruption stalks Albany, Schneiderman offers a long history of fighting for a cleaner, more transparent state government.»
This isn & rsquo; t a time to write a list of the qualities your partner MUST possess.
Soup is exactly what I need t this time of year can't wait to try this — broccoli is one of my favourite vegetables too..
But I am game to go in t any time, clothing appropriate or not!
(2) an anthropic part roughly equal to the cumulative anthropic emissions weighted by exp (t» - t) / u) where t» is the time of the emission and t the time of observation, u is the life time of about 5 years perfectly consistent with delta13C isotopic observations; this anthropic part is (end 2013) about 6 % of the CO2 content of the air (cards n ° 3 & 4).
This is given by sin h = cos d cos L cos (wt) + sin d sin L where d is the sun's declination, L the observer's latitude, w the (radian) frequency (= 2 * pi / day), and t the time (in days).
t time I was there but when I cam back later that day on another vehicle, another salesman had no problem of jumping in to help me.
Plus t this time of year easy is pretty a darn awesome.
Let's not make it so long between natters ne t time.
Reduce speed to medium, add eggs and yolk, one a t a time, until incorporated.
Don't judge other moms you don't know what they are going through for instance have to sub formula with my child to a t times and I still pump as much as I can but since I am Active duty military I can't always break away to pump while at work.
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