Sentences with phrase «taxi cab driver»

Many of these cases involve complex legal issues due to the fact that numerous taxi cab drivers are employed as independent contractors which requires a careful evaluation of the legal relationship between the potentially liable parties.
They argue that web-based services like Uber and Lyft undercut taxi cab drivers because they are not subject to the same registration, licensing and insurance regulations as traditional taxis.
Fortunately, all of these expenses can be repaid if an injured party is able to establish that a taxi cab driver, owner, or manufacturer was at fault in the accident.
You're familiar with the London taxi cab driver's study?
In downtown Boston, a taxi cab driver and a garage attendant were fawning over this car.
One question arises from the article mentioning Kiryu as a taxi cab driver.
I am a taxi cab driver for camps, running errands and sports practices.
A Boston taxi cab driver is disappointed he only received a $ 100 reward after returning $ 187,000 cash lost in his car.
The taxi industry is pushing back, saying in a statement that Uber and Lyft drivers on Long Island and upstate should undergo fingerprint background checks, just like regular taxi cab drivers.
And think of all the people who are involved around the community: FedEx and UPS drivers; postal workers; pizza delivery employees; dog walkers; people who walk their dogs for exercise; school bus drivers; taxi cab drivers; gardeners; public bus drivers; toll booth operators; building inspectors; code enforcement officers; road workers; police officers; animal control officers; food vendors; utility workers; repair workers (plumbers, electricians, carpenters) etc..
Professional Summary Motivated taxi cab driver with seven years» experience.
Professor Patricia Williams speaks of taxi cab drivers refusing to stop for her and her physician husband, stores that assume she is there to shoplift, and cashiers flinging change on the counters.
Like the taxi cab driver watching his airport business flock to Uber and Lyft, lawyers may soon be wondering what happened, and how it happened so fast.
A recent decision by a Nova Scotia provincial court judge to acquit a taxi cab driver of sexual assault charges has raised the «thorny issue» of capacity to give consent — and the Crown will appeal.
It's a really, really exciting story and taxi cab drivers are excited about it.
Under these regulations, taxi cab drivers must:
If so, can the taxi cab driver and the taxi company be held liable, civilly or criminally, for their role in this tragedy?
If you were not injured as a result of the Chicago taxi cab driver, but rather had a bad experience that you want to report, contact the City of Chicago through the cab complaint website.
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