Sentences with phrase «to do the next morning»

They returned, as I did that next morning for what seemed a daily routine that marked the beginning of their day, allowing for a moment to perhaps meditate, to pray, to stop and take inventory.
As this fitness nut is wont to do, I thought about what workout I should do the next morning.
Herb saw diagrams and notes on scraps of paper that I made for myself, reminders of what to do the next morning.
And then the first thing they do the next morning is weigh themselves.
We decided to make our decision about what to do the next morning, depending on how much we actually got.
Before leaving work, make list of what you need to do the next morning when you arrive at work.
Do you think it is possible to freeze the dough overnight (after all the risings) so all I have to do the next morning is divide it into little balls that the class can shape and put raisins in?
Do everything you can do the night before so that you have very little to do the next morning.
It is also perfectly located near the put in for the Rio Pacuare river rafting that we will do the next morning.
My original photos were taken on a sunny day at around two o'clock, while the retake was done the next morning at about 10 am.
Had my hair and makeup done the next morning with the photographer taking pictures in and around the house.
Preparing what you can for the next day is helpful so there will be less to do the next morning.
We further informed them that we were getting a roof inspection done the next morning and that we would reply to their repair addendum once we had the roof inspection results in hand.
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