Sentences with phrase «to make sure someone 're paying attention»

They plowed along understeering and leaning through corners until there was a bump or a pothole, at which time the rear end would take a playful little leap sideways just to make sure you were paying attention.
You are allowed to fail these questions, but it helps to make sure you are paying attention and also helps to reinforce the really important stuff.
«I try to make sure they are paying attention to what the truths are versus what's on Facebook,» said Abood.
The good online courses have some exercises that require interaction, high quality video material, as well as quizzes and questions to make sure you are paying attention.
Horse has about two inches and twenty pounds on me, so I hit him a couple more times to make sure he was paying attention.
With both variants, make sure you are paying attention to the below points:
They are always there, you just have to make sure you are paying attention.
I would often ask students surface-level questions about the content of the video (just to make sure they were paying attention), but I also wanted them to reflect on what they learned, connect it to prior knowledge, and create a proper written response.
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