Sentences with phrase «useless comments»

It was nice without your useless comments.
If your useless comments should be directed at anyone it should be at Microsoft's incompetent staff for not being abl to do their jobs correctly, and not «Sony fans».
Cowardly people hiding behind a keyboard or a cell phone writing their useless comments about our eyes and clothes and body language.
However, the power of social media is helping to reunite lost pets with their humans, so utilize sites for your search, and when negative and useless comments appear (because this will happen), ignore those people.
Wow what an original comment... oh wait that's the same old useless comment atheist come up with.
You are more than stupid for that useless comment.
Do so for google rankings & drop useless comments?
Of course, there are examples of «feed-bad,» in which students receive useless comments from a teacher.
Adding useless comments or joining in with non-professional discussions can be a sure fire way to annoy your network (remember that all your activity gets shared with your network, so everyone can see when you comment on something).
Knowledge appears to come in a distant second among your values to tossing out useless comments, lacking any sort of information to back them.
Writing on Slate, I've encountered plenty of both varieties over the years, and on balance I far prefer a mix of useful and useless comments to no comments at all.
Just posting useless comments does not make you look how intelligent and enlightened you are.
He needs to be converted to spurs fan he is so annoying with his useless comments As per the match today 3-0 to gunners
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