Sentences with word «xix»

"XIX" is a single by American metal band Slipknot and the opening track for their fifth major label studio album .5: The Gray Chapter. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
In treatise xix, we have what may be called Aphrahat's credo.
«We should praise the process, not students» intelligence [xix]... and we should reward effort, strategy and progress if we want to see real growth in students.»
[xix] In April 2012, Treasury Under Secretary for Domestic Finance Mary Miller told Secretary Geithner that she had met with officials from the Capital Group in Los Angeles (a financial services company that manages the American Funds) who «indicated that it had done a fair amount of work analyzing the sufficiency of the PSPAs and thought that they provided «adequate protection» for investors.»
[xix] The anomaly in the FLSC archive as between 1999 and 1998 was in the practising-exempt category.
Governance theory trickles along the shallower backwaters; it attracts little notice and even fewer devotees» (Chait, Ryan, & Taylor, 2005, p. xix).
[xix] Robert Rauschenberg, to Jack Tworkov, September, 1952.
[xix] Jason Iuliano, An Empirical Assessment of Student Loan Discharges and the Undue Hardship Standard, 86 Am.
[xix] A comparison of NPSAS: 2012 and NPSAS: 2004 graduate enrollment estimates (produced via NCES Quick Stats) shows that graduate enrollments nearly quadrupled in the for-profit sector (from 105,000 to 388,000) while increasing by only 18 percent in the public and private non-profit sectors combined (from 2.3 million to 2.7 million).
Pacioni himself tells us that throughout his book he has «tried to reconstruct the framework of Augustine's speculation in all of its most original philosophical traits, following philosophical and logical-linguistic suggestions performing a point by point analysis of the texts not only from a philological but also a historiographical, cultural and logical-formal point of view» (p. xix).
[xix] IG is defined as: «the activities and technologies that organisations employ to maximise the value of their information while minimising associated risks and costs».
International Criminal Law (3) xix.
Loss of ring finger or middle finger or little finger — one phalanx xix.
[xix] Few prominent scientists will openly proclaim the connection of their research findings with the need to eliminate animal agriculture or promotion of fully plant based nutrition.
My Climb Out of Darkness, p. xix).
l8505l, and London Ewer, l850 (words in English and German) R xix.

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