Words and phrases staring with «EF»

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ef (phrases)

ef (usage examples)

efavirenz (phrases)

efavirenz (usage examples)

efect (phrases)

efect (usage examples)

eff (phrases)

eff (usage examples)

eff (synonyms and related)

efface (phrases)

efface (usage examples)

effacement (phrases)

effacement (usage examples)

effacing (phrases)

effacing (usage examples)

effciency (phrases)

effciency (usage examples)

effe (phrases)

effe (usage examples)

effec (phrases)

effec (usage examples)

effeciency (phrases)

effeciency (usage examples)

effect (phrases)

effect (usage examples)

effect (synonyms and related)

effect analysis (phrases)

effect analysis (usage examples)

effect artist (phrases)

effect artist (usage examples)

effect artist (synonyms and related)

effect attack (phrases)

effect attack (usage examples)

effect budget (phrases)

effect budget (usage examples)

effect called gravitational lensing (phrases)

effect called gravitational lensing (usage examples)

effect category (phrases)

effect category (usage examples)

effect chain (phrases)

effect chain (usage examples)

effect change (phrases)

effect change (usage examples)

effect change (synonyms and related)

effect climate (phrases)

effect climate (usage examples)

effect climate change (phrases)

effect climate change (usage examples)

effect climate change (synonyms and related)

effect company (phrases)

effect company (usage examples)

effect coordinator (phrases)

effect coordinator (usage examples)

effect coverage (phrases)

effect coverage (usage examples)

effect crew (phrases)

effect crew (usage examples)

effect damage (phrases)

effect damage (usage examples)

effect department (phrases)

effect department (usage examples)

effect designer (phrases)

effect designer (usage examples)

effect director (phrases)

effect director (usage examples)

effect discrimination (phrases)

effect discrimination (usage examples)

effect essay (phrases)

effect essay (usage examples)

effect estimates (phrases)

effect estimates (usage examples)

effect estimates (synonyms and related)

effect exercise (phrases)

effect exercise (usage examples)

effect extravaganza (phrases)

effect extravaganza (usage examples)

effect featurette (phrases)

effect featurette (usage examples)

effect films (phrases)

effect films (usage examples)

effect food (phrases)

effect food (usage examples)

effect for someone (phrases)

effect for someone (usage examples)

effect game (phrases)

effect game (usage examples)

effect guy (phrases)

effect guy (usage examples)

effect house (phrases)

effect house (usage examples)

effect in humans (phrases)

effect in humans (usage examples)

effect in the body (phrases)

effect in the body (usage examples)

effect industry (phrases)

effect industry (usage examples)

effect levels (phrases)

effect levels (usage examples)

effect like this (phrases)

effect like this (usage examples)

effect makeup (phrases)

effect makeup (usage examples)

effect makeup (synonyms and related)

effect man (phrases)

effect man (usage examples)

effect master (phrases)

effect master (usage examples)

effect method (phrases)

effect method (usage examples)

effect model (phrases)

effect model (usage examples)

effect model (synonyms and related)

effect modification (phrases)

effect modification (usage examples)

effect modification (synonyms and related)

effect modifiers (phrases)

effect modifiers (usage examples)

effect movies (phrases)

effect movies (usage examples)

effect observed (phrases)

effect observed (usage examples)

effect of (phrases)

effect of (usage examples)

effect of (synonyms and related)

effect of aerosols (phrases)

effect of aerosols (usage examples)

effect of bias (phrases)

effect of bias (usage examples)

effect of choice (phrases)

effect of choice (usage examples)

effect of clouds (phrases)

effect of clouds (usage examples)

effect of coffee (phrases)

effect of coffee (usage examples)

effect of compound interest (phrases)

effect of compound interest (usage examples)

effect of compounding interest (phrases)

effect of compounding interest (usage examples)

effect of cosmic rays (phrases)

effect of cosmic rays (usage examples)

effect of greenhouse gases (phrases)

effect of greenhouse gases (usage examples)

effect of heat (phrases)

effect of heat (usage examples)

effect of law (phrases)

effect of law (usage examples)

effect of mutations (phrases)

effect of mutations (usage examples)

effect of one's decision (phrases)

effect of one's decision (usage examples)

effect of taxes (phrases)

effect of taxes (usage examples)

effect of the agreement (phrases)

effect of the agreement (usage examples)

effect of the decision (phrases)

effect of the decision (usage examples)

effect of the diet (phrases)

effect of the diet (usage examples)

effect of the event (phrases)

effect of the event (usage examples)

effect of the increases (phrases)

effect of the increases (usage examples)

effect of the intervention (phrases)

effect of the intervention (usage examples)

effect of the intervention (synonyms and related)

effect of the loss (phrases)

effect of the loss (usage examples)

effect of the practice (phrases)

effect of the practice (usage examples)

effect of the problem (phrases)

effect of the problem (usage examples)

effect of the rule (phrases)

effect of the rule (usage examples)

effect of the wind (phrases)

effect of the wind (usage examples)

effect of valuations (phrases)

effect of valuations (usage examples)

effect on (phrases)

effect on (usage examples)

effect on (synonyms and related)

effect on achievement (phrases)

effect on achievement (usage examples)

effect on blood sugar (phrases)

effect on blood sugar (usage examples)

effect on blood sugar levels (phrases)

effect on blood sugar levels (usage examples)

effect on body weight (phrases)

effect on body weight (usage examples)

effect on breastfeeding (phrases)

effect on breastfeeding (usage examples)

effect on children (phrases)

effect on children (usage examples)

effect on children (synonyms and related)

effect on climate (phrases)

effect on climate (usage examples)

effect on credit scores (phrases)

effect on credit scores (usage examples)

effect on ecosystems (phrases)

effect on ecosystems (usage examples)

effect on gameplay (phrases)

effect on gameplay (usage examples)

effect on global climate (phrases)

effect on global climate (usage examples)

effect on global temperature (phrases)

effect on global temperature (usage examples)

effect on health (phrases)

effect on health (usage examples)

effect on human health (phrases)

effect on human health (usage examples)

effect on humans (phrases)

effect on humans (usage examples)

effect on insulin (phrases)

effect on insulin (usage examples)

effect on one's baby (phrases)

effect on one's baby (usage examples)

effect on one's baby (synonyms and related)

effect on one's blood sugar (phrases)

effect on one's blood sugar (usage examples)

effect on one's body (phrases)

effect on one's body (usage examples)

effect on one's body (synonyms and related)

effect on one's brain (phrases)

effect on one's brain (usage examples)

effect on one's business (phrases)

effect on one's business (usage examples)

effect on one's children (phrases)

effect on one's children (usage examples)

effect on one's credit (phrases)

effect on one's credit (usage examples)

effect on one's credit rating (phrases)

effect on one's credit rating (usage examples)

effect on one's credit score (phrases)

effect on one's credit score (usage examples)

effect on one's health (phrases)

effect on one's health (usage examples)

effect on one's health (synonyms and related)

effect on one's life (phrases)

effect on one's life (usage examples)

effect on one's mood (phrases)

effect on one's mood (usage examples)

effect on one's premiums (phrases)

effect on one's premiums (usage examples)

effect on one's score (phrases)

effect on one's score (usage examples)

effect on one's skin (phrases)

effect on one's skin (usage examples)

effect on others (phrases)

effect on others (usage examples)

effect on people (phrases)

effect on people (usage examples)

effect on people (synonyms and related)

effect on performance (phrases)

effect on performance (usage examples)

effect on prices (phrases)

effect on prices (usage examples)

effect on prices (synonyms and related)

effect on sea level (phrases)

effect on sea level (usage examples)

effect on someone (phrases)

effect on someone (usage examples)

effect on someone (synonyms and related)

effect on student achievement (phrases)

effect on student achievement (usage examples)

effect on student learning (phrases)

effect on student learning (usage examples)

effect on students (phrases)

effect on students (usage examples)

effect on temperature (phrases)

effect on temperature (usage examples)

effect on the baby (phrases)

effect on the baby (usage examples)

effect on the body (phrases)

effect on the body (usage examples)

effect on the body (synonyms and related)

effect on the brain (phrases)

effect on the brain (usage examples)

effect on the brain (synonyms and related)

effect on the disease (phrases)

effect on the disease (usage examples)

effect on the economy (phrases)

effect on the economy (usage examples)

effect on the economy (synonyms and related)

effect on the environment (phrases)

effect on the environment (usage examples)

effect on the environment (synonyms and related)

effect on the game (phrases)

effect on the game (usage examples)

effect on the market (phrases)

effect on the market (usage examples)

effect on the market (synonyms and related)

effect on the other (usage examples)

effect on the outcome (phrases)

effect on the outcome (usage examples)

effect on the players (phrases)

effect on the players (usage examples)

effect on the results (phrases)

effect on the results (usage examples)

effect on the team (phrases)

effect on the team (usage examples)

effect on the trend (phrases)

effect on the trend (usage examples)

effect on the weather (phrases)

effect on the weather (usage examples)

effect on viruses (phrases)

effect on viruses (usage examples)

effect on weight loss (phrases)

effect on weight loss (usage examples)

effect options (phrases)

effect options (usage examples)

effect over time (phrases)

effect over time (usage examples)

effect paint (phrases)

effect paint (usage examples)

effect paper (phrases)

effect paper (usage examples)

effect pedals (phrases)

effect pedals (usage examples)

effect people (phrases)

effect people (usage examples)

effect produced (phrases)

effect produced (usage examples)

effect producer (phrases)

effect producer (usage examples)

effect regression (phrases)

effect regression (usage examples)

effect relations (phrases)

effect relations (usage examples)

effect relationship (phrases)

effect relationship (usage examples)

effect relationship (synonyms and related)

effect sequences (phrases)

effect sequences (usage examples)

effect shots (phrases)

effect shots (usage examples)

effect side (phrases)

effect side (usage examples)

effect size (phrases)

effect size (usage examples)

effect size (synonyms and related)

effect someone (phrases)

effect someone (usage examples)

effect someone 're looking for (phrases)

effect someone 're looking for (usage examples)

effect someone describe (phrases)

effect someone describe (usage examples)

effect someone found (phrases)

effect someone found (usage examples)

effect someone saw (phrases)

effect someone saw (usage examples)

effect someone want (phrases)

effect someone want (usage examples)

effect something creates (phrases)

effect something creates (usage examples)

effect something does (phrases)

effect something does (usage examples)

effect something gives (phrases)

effect something gives (usage examples)

effect something had on someone (phrases)

effect something had on someone (usage examples)

effect something had on someone (synonyms and related)

effect something has (phrases)

effect something has (usage examples)

effect something has on one's body (phrases)

effect something has on one's body (usage examples)

effect specialist (phrases)

effect specialist (usage examples)

effect stress (phrases)

effect stress (usage examples)

effect studio (phrases)

effect studio (usage examples)

effect sugar (phrases)

effect sugar (usage examples)

effect supervisor (phrases)

effect supervisor (usage examples)

effect team (phrases)

effect team (usage examples)

effect team (synonyms and related)

effect technology (phrases)

effect technology (usage examples)

effect test (phrases)

effect test (usage examples)

effect test (synonyms and related)

effect this has (phrases)

effect this has (usage examples)

effect track (phrases)

effect track (usage examples)

effect wizards (phrases)

effect wizards (usage examples)

effect work (phrases)

effect work (usage examples)

effect work (synonyms and related)

effecting (phrases)

effecting (usage examples)

effection (phrases)

effection (usage examples)

effectionate (phrases)

effectionate (usage examples)

effective (phrases)

effective (usage examples)

effective (synonyms and related)

effective absorption (phrases)

effective absorption (usage examples)

effective access (phrases)

effective access (usage examples)

effective access (synonyms and related)

effective access to justice (phrases)

effective access to justice (usage examples)

effective accommodations (phrases)

effective accommodations (usage examples)

effective accountability (phrases)

effective accountability (usage examples)

effective accountability system (phrases)

effective accountability system (usage examples)

effective action (phrases)

effective action (usage examples)

effective action (synonyms and related)

effective action on climate change (phrases)

effective action on climate change (usage examples)

effective action plan (phrases)

effective action plan (usage examples)

effective action plan (synonyms and related)

effective activities (phrases)

effective activities (usage examples)

effective adaptation (phrases)

effective adaptation (usage examples)

effective addition (phrases)

effective addition (usage examples)

effective administration (phrases)

effective administration (usage examples)

effective administration (synonyms and related)

effective administrators (phrases)

effective administrators (usage examples)

effective adoption (phrases)

effective adoption (usage examples)

effective ads (phrases)

effective ads (usage examples)

effective advertisement (phrases)

effective advertisement (usage examples)

effective advertising (phrases)

effective advertising (usage examples)

effective advertising campaigns (phrases)

effective advertising campaigns (usage examples)

effective advice (phrases)

effective advice (usage examples)

effective advice (synonyms and related)

effective advocacy (phrases)

effective advocacy (usage examples)

effective advocacy (synonyms and related)

effective advocate (phrases)

effective advocate (usage examples)

effective advocate (synonyms and related)

effective agent (phrases)

effective agent (usage examples)

effective agent (synonyms and related)

effective agreement (phrases)

effective agreement (usage examples)

effective aid (phrases)

effective aid (usage examples)

effective aid (synonyms and related)

effective ally (phrases)

effective ally (usage examples)

effective alternative (phrases)

effective alternative (usage examples)

effective alternative (synonyms and related)

effective altruism (phrases)

effective altruism (usage examples)

effective ambassadors (phrases)

effective ambassadors (usage examples)

effective amount (phrases)

effective amount (usage examples)

effective amount (synonyms and related)

effective analysis (phrases)

effective analysis (usage examples)

effective analysis (synonyms and related)

effective and affordable employment resource (phrases)

effective and affordable employment resource (usage examples)

effective annual fee (phrases)

effective annual fee (usage examples)

effective annual interest rate (phrases)

effective annual interest rate (usage examples)

effective annual interest rate (synonyms and related)

effective annual percentage rate (phrases)

effective annual percentage rate (usage examples)

effective annual rate (phrases)

effective annual rate (usage examples)

effective answer (phrases)

effective answer (usage examples)

effective answer (synonyms and related)

effective antibiotics (phrases)

effective antibiotics (usage examples)

effective antibiotics (synonyms and related)

effective antibodies (phrases)

effective antibodies (usage examples)

effective antidote (phrases)

effective antidote (usage examples)

effective antidote (synonyms and related)

effective antioxidant (phrases)

effective antioxidant (usage examples)

effective antioxidant (synonyms and related)

effective aperture (phrases)

effective aperture (usage examples)

effective app (phrases)

effective app (usage examples)

effective appetite (phrases)

effective appetite (usage examples)

effective application (phrases)

effective application (usage examples)

effective application (synonyms and related)

effective approach (phrases)

effective approach (usage examples)

effective approach (synonyms and related)

effective argument (phrases)

effective argument (usage examples)

effective argument (synonyms and related)

effective assessment (phrases)

effective assessment (usage examples)

effective assessment (synonyms and related)

effective assessment practices (phrases)

effective assessment practices (usage examples)

effective assessment system (phrases)

effective assessment system (usage examples)

effective assignment (phrases)

effective assignment (usage examples)

effective assistance (phrases)

effective assistance (usage examples)

effective assistance (synonyms and related)

effective assistance of counsel (phrases)

effective assistance of counsel (usage examples)

effective attack (phrases)

effective attack (usage examples)

effective attorney (phrases)

effective attorney (usage examples)

effective author platform (phrases)

effective author platform (usage examples)

effective author website (phrases)

effective author website (usage examples)

effective avenue (phrases)

effective avenue (usage examples)

effective balance (phrases)

effective balance (usage examples)

effective ban (phrases)

effective ban (usage examples)

effective barrier (phrases)

effective barrier (usage examples)

effective barrier (synonyms and related)

effective beginning (phrases)

effective beginning (usage examples)

effective behavior (phrases)

effective behavior (usage examples)

effective birth control (phrases)

effective birth control (usage examples)

effective blended learning (phrases)

effective blended learning (usage examples)

effective boards (phrases)

effective boards (usage examples)

effective book (phrases)

effective book (usage examples)

effective book marketing (phrases)

effective book marketing (usage examples)

effective book trailer (phrases)

effective book trailer (usage examples)

effective boundaries (phrases)

effective boundaries (usage examples)

effective brand (phrases)

effective brand (usage examples)

effective breastfeeding (phrases)

effective breastfeeding (usage examples)

effective bridge (phrases)

effective bridge (usage examples)

effective budget (phrases)

effective budget (usage examples)

effective budgeting (phrases)

effective budgeting (usage examples)

effective business (phrases)

effective business (usage examples)

effective business model (phrases)

effective business model (usage examples)

effective business plan (phrases)

effective business plan (usage examples)

effective business strategies (phrases)

effective business strategies (usage examples)

effective call (phrases)

effective call (usage examples)

effective campaign (phrases)

effective campaign (usage examples)

effective campaign (synonyms and related)

effective campaigning (phrases)

effective campaigning (usage examples)

effective cancer therapy (phrases)

effective cancer therapy (usage examples)

effective cancer treatment (phrases)

effective cancer treatment (usage examples)

effective candidate (phrases)

effective candidate (usage examples)

effective capacity (phrases)

effective capacity (usage examples)

effective cardio workout (phrases)

effective cardio workout (usage examples)

effective care (phrases)

effective care (usage examples)

effective care (synonyms and related)

effective career (phrases)

effective career (usage examples)

effective career objective (phrases)

effective career objective (usage examples)

effective case (phrases)

effective case (usage examples)

effective case (synonyms and related)

effective case management (phrases)

effective case management (usage examples)

effective cash (phrases)

effective cash (usage examples)

effective catalyst (phrases)

effective catalyst (usage examples)

effective challenge (phrases)

effective challenge (usage examples)

effective challenge (synonyms and related)

effective change (phrases)

effective change (usage examples)

effective change (synonyms and related)

effective change agents (phrases)

effective change agents (usage examples)

effective change management (phrases)

effective change management (usage examples)

effective channel (phrases)

effective channel (usage examples)

effective channel (synonyms and related)

effective character education (phrases)

effective character education (usage examples)

effective charter schools (phrases)

effective charter schools (usage examples)

effective check (phrases)

effective check (usage examples)

effective chemotherapy (phrases)

effective chemotherapy (usage examples)

effective child (phrases)

effective child (usage examples)

effective choices (phrases)

effective choices (usage examples)

effective choices (synonyms and related)

effective citizens (phrases)

effective citizens (usage examples)

effective citizens (synonyms and related)

effective citizenship (phrases)

effective citizenship (usage examples)

effective classroom (phrases)

effective classroom (usage examples)

effective classroom assessment (phrases)

effective classroom assessment (usage examples)

effective classroom instruction (phrases)

effective classroom instruction (usage examples)

effective classroom management (phrases)

effective classroom management (usage examples)

effective classroom management (synonyms and related)

effective classroom management skills (phrases)

effective classroom management skills (usage examples)

effective classroom management strategies (phrases)

effective classroom management strategies (usage examples)

effective classroom practice (phrases)

effective classroom practice (usage examples)

effective classroom strategies (phrases)

effective classroom strategies (usage examples)

effective classroom teachers (phrases)

effective classroom teachers (usage examples)

effective cleaning (phrases)

effective cleaning (usage examples)

effective cleanser (phrases)

effective cleanser (usage examples)

effective climate action (phrases)

effective climate action (usage examples)

effective climate policy (phrases)

effective climate policy (usage examples)

effective climate sensitivity (phrases)

effective climate sensitivity (usage examples)

effective coach (phrases)

effective coach (usage examples)

effective coach (synonyms and related)

effective coaching (phrases)

effective coaching (usage examples)

effective coaching (synonyms and related)

effective coalitions (phrases)

effective coalitions (usage examples)

effective collaboration (phrases)

effective collaboration (usage examples)

effective collaboration (synonyms and related)

effective collection (phrases)

effective collection (usage examples)

effective combination (phrases)

effective combination (usage examples)

effective combination (synonyms and related)

effective communication (phrases)

effective communication (usage examples)

effective communication (synonyms and related)

effective communication channels (phrases)

effective communication channels (usage examples)

effective communication skills (phrases)

effective communication skills (usage examples)

effective communication skills (synonyms and related)

effective communication strategies (phrases)

effective communication strategies (usage examples)

effective communication strategies (synonyms and related)

effective communication system (phrases)

effective communication system (usage examples)

effective communication techniques (phrases)

effective communication techniques (usage examples)

effective communication tool (phrases)

effective communication tool (usage examples)

effective communicator (phrases)

effective communicator (usage examples)

effective communicator (synonyms and related)

effective community (phrases)

effective community (usage examples)

effective community engagement (phrases)

effective community engagement (usage examples)

effective competition (phrases)

effective competition (usage examples)

effective competition (synonyms and related)

effective compliance (phrases)

effective compliance (usage examples)

effective compliance programs (phrases)

effective compliance programs (usage examples)

effective component (phrases)

effective component (usage examples)

effective component (synonyms and related)

effective compounds (phrases)

effective compounds (usage examples)

effective compromise (phrases)

effective compromise (usage examples)

effective concentration (phrases)

effective concentration (usage examples)

effective concentration (synonyms and related)

effective conclusion (phrases)

effective conclusion (usage examples)

effective conclusion (synonyms and related)

effective conduct (phrases)

effective conduct (usage examples)

effective conflict resolution (phrases)

effective conflict resolution (usage examples)

effective consequences (phrases)

effective consequences (usage examples)

effective conservation (phrases)

effective conservation (usage examples)

effective consultation (phrases)

effective consultation (usage examples)

effective consultation (synonyms and related)

effective contact (phrases)

effective contact (usage examples)

effective content (phrases)

effective content (usage examples)

effective content (synonyms and related)

effective content marketing (phrases)

effective content marketing (usage examples)

effective content marketing strategy (phrases)

effective content marketing strategy (usage examples)

effective content strategy (phrases)

effective content strategy (usage examples)

effective contraception (phrases)

effective contraception (usage examples)

effective contraception (synonyms and related)

effective contribution (phrases)

effective contribution (usage examples)

effective contribution (synonyms and related)

effective contributor (phrases)

effective contributor (usage examples)

effective control (phrases)

effective control (usage examples)

effective control (synonyms and related)

effective conversation (phrases)

effective conversation (usage examples)

effective conversation (synonyms and related)

effective cooling (phrases)

effective cooling (usage examples)

effective cooperation (phrases)

effective cooperation (usage examples)

effective coordination (phrases)

effective coordination (usage examples)

effective coordination (synonyms and related)

effective coping (phrases)

effective coping (usage examples)

effective coping skills (phrases)

effective coping skills (usage examples)

effective copy (phrases)

effective copy (usage examples)

effective corporate tax rate (phrases)

effective corporate tax rate (usage examples)

effective cost (phrases)

effective cost (usage examples)

effective cost (synonyms and related)

effective counsel (phrases)

effective counsel (usage examples)

effective counseling (phrases)

effective counseling (usage examples)

effective counseling (synonyms and related)

effective counselor (phrases)

effective counselor (usage examples)

effective counter (phrases)

effective counter (usage examples)

effective countermeasures (phrases)

effective countermeasures (usage examples)

effective couples (phrases)

effective couples (usage examples)

effective couples therapy (phrases)

effective couples therapy (usage examples)

effective course (phrases)

effective course (usage examples)

effective course (synonyms and related)

effective course of action (phrases)

effective course of action (usage examples)

effective cover (phrases)

effective cover (usage examples)

effective cover (synonyms and related)

effective cover design (phrases)

effective cover design (usage examples)

effective cover letter (phrases)

effective cover letter (usage examples)

effective coverage (phrases)

effective coverage (usage examples)

effective coverage (synonyms and related)

effective cure (phrases)

effective cure (usage examples)

effective cure (synonyms and related)

effective currency (phrases)

effective currency (usage examples)

effective curriculum (phrases)

effective curriculum (usage examples)

effective customer service (phrases)

effective customer service (usage examples)

effective date (phrases)

effective date (usage examples)

effective date (synonyms and related)

effective date of coverage (phrases)

effective date of coverage (usage examples)

effective date of termination (phrases)

effective date of termination (usage examples)

effective date of the changes (phrases)

effective date of the changes (usage examples)

effective date of the policy (phrases)

effective date of the policy (usage examples)

effective date of the policy (synonyms and related)

effective date of the rule (phrases)

effective date of the rule (usage examples)

effective date of this act (phrases)

effective date of this act (usage examples)

effective dating profile (phrases)

effective dating profile (usage examples)

effective dating services (phrases)

effective dating services (usage examples)

effective decision making (phrases)

effective decision making (usage examples)

effective decision making (synonyms and related)

effective decisions (phrases)

effective decisions (usage examples)

effective decisions (synonyms and related)

effective defence (phrases)

effective defence (usage examples)

effective defense (phrases)

effective defense (usage examples)

effective defense (synonyms and related)

effective degree (phrases)

effective degree (usage examples)

effective delivery (phrases)

effective delivery (usage examples)

effective delivery (synonyms and related)

effective delivery system (phrases)

effective delivery system (usage examples)

effective democracy (phrases)

effective democracy (usage examples)

effective deployment (phrases)

effective deployment (usage examples)

effective deployment (synonyms and related)

effective description (phrases)

effective description (usage examples)

effective design (phrases)

effective design (usage examples)

effective design (synonyms and related)

effective deterrent (phrases)

effective deterrent (usage examples)

effective deterrent (synonyms and related)

effective detox (phrases)

effective detox (usage examples)

effective detoxification (phrases)

effective detoxification (usage examples)

effective development (phrases)

effective development (usage examples)

effective development (synonyms and related)

effective device (phrases)

effective device (usage examples)

effective diagnosis (phrases)

effective diagnosis (usage examples)

effective dialogue (phrases)

effective dialogue (usage examples)

effective diet (phrases)

effective diet (usage examples)

effective diet plan (phrases)

effective diet plan (usage examples)

effective difference (phrases)

effective difference (usage examples)

effective differentiation (phrases)

effective differentiation (usage examples)

effective digestion (phrases)

effective digestion (usage examples)

effective direction (phrases)

effective direction (usage examples)

effective discharge (phrases)

effective discharge (usage examples)

effective discipline (phrases)

effective discipline (usage examples)

effective discipline (synonyms and related)

effective discipline strategies (phrases)

effective discipline strategies (usage examples)

effective discussions (phrases)

effective discussions (usage examples)

effective discussions (synonyms and related)

effective displays (phrases)

effective displays (usage examples)

effective distribution (phrases)

effective distribution (usage examples)

effective diversification (phrases)

effective diversification (usage examples)

effective document (phrases)

effective document (usage examples)

effective dog training (phrases)

effective dog training (usage examples)

effective dosage (phrases)

effective dosage (usage examples)

effective dose (phrases)

effective dose (usage examples)

effective dose (synonyms and related)

effective drama (phrases)

effective drama (usage examples)

effective drug treatments (phrases)

effective drug treatments (usage examples)

effective drugs (phrases)

effective drugs (usage examples)

effective drugs (synonyms and related)

effective duration (phrases)

effective duration (usage examples)

effective early intervention (phrases)

effective early intervention (usage examples)

effective education (phrases)

effective education (usage examples)

effective education (synonyms and related)

effective education options (phrases)

effective education options (usage examples)

effective education options for every child (phrases)

effective education options for every child (usage examples)

effective education policy (phrases)

effective education policy (usage examples)

effective education system (phrases)

effective education system (usage examples)

effective educational practices (phrases)

effective educational practices (usage examples)

effective educational programs (phrases)

effective educational programs (usage examples)

effective educators (phrases)

effective educators (usage examples)

effective educators (synonyms and related)

effective efforts (phrases)

effective efforts (usage examples)

effective elearning (phrases)

effective elearning (usage examples)

effective elements (phrases)

effective elements (usage examples)

effective elimination (phrases)

effective elimination (usage examples)

effective email (phrases)

effective email (usage examples)

effective emissivity (phrases)

effective emissivity (usage examples)

effective employee (phrases)

effective employee (usage examples)

effective end (phrases)

effective end (usage examples)

effective enforcement (phrases)

effective enforcement (usage examples)

effective enforcement (synonyms and related)

effective engagement (phrases)

effective engagement (usage examples)

effective engagement (synonyms and related)

effective engine (phrases)

effective engine (usage examples)

effective environment (phrases)

effective environment (usage examples)

effective essay (phrases)

effective essay (usage examples)

effective estate (phrases)

effective estate (usage examples)

effective evaluation (phrases)

effective evaluation (usage examples)

effective evaluation (synonyms and related)

effective evaluation system (phrases)

effective evaluation system (usage examples)

effective evangelism (phrases)

effective evangelism (usage examples)

effective example (phrases)

effective example (usage examples)

effective example (synonyms and related)

effective execution (phrases)

effective execution (usage examples)

effective execution (synonyms and related)

effective executive (phrases)

effective executive (usage examples)

effective exercise (phrases)

effective exercise (usage examples)

effective exercise (synonyms and related)

effective exercise program (phrases)

effective exercise program (usage examples)

effective experience (phrases)

effective experience (usage examples)

effective expression (phrases)

effective expression (usage examples)

effective facilitation (phrases)

effective facilitation (usage examples)

effective family engagement (phrases)

effective family engagement (usage examples)

effective family engagement practices (phrases)

effective family engagement practices (usage examples)

effective fashion (phrases)

effective fashion (usage examples)

effective fat loss (phrases)

effective fat loss (usage examples)

effective features (phrases)

effective features (usage examples)

effective federal funds rate (phrases)

effective federal funds rate (usage examples)

effective feedback (phrases)

effective feedback (usage examples)

effective feedback (synonyms and related)

effective film (phrases)

effective film (usage examples)

effective financial management (phrases)

effective financial management (usage examples)

effective financial planning (phrases)

effective financial planning (usage examples)

effective flea (phrases)

effective flea (usage examples)

effective flea control (phrases)

effective flea control (usage examples)

effective flea treatment (phrases)

effective flea treatment (usage examples)

effective flow (phrases)

effective flow (usage examples)

effective force (phrases)

effective force (usage examples)

effective force (synonyms and related)

effective form (phrases)

effective form (usage examples)

effective form (synonyms and related)

effective format (phrases)

effective format (usage examples)

effective formative assessment (phrases)

effective formative assessment (usage examples)

effective formula (phrases)

effective formula (usage examples)

effective framework (phrases)

effective framework (usage examples)

effective framework (synonyms and related)

effective function (phrases)

effective function (usage examples)

effective functioning (phrases)

effective functioning (usage examples)

effective functioning (synonyms and related)

effective fundraiser (phrases)

effective fundraiser (usage examples)

effective game (phrases)

effective game (usage examples)

effective game plan (phrases)

effective game plan (usage examples)

effective gear ratio (phrases)

effective gear ratio (usage examples)

effective governance (phrases)

effective governance (usage examples)

effective governance (synonyms and related)

effective government (phrases)

effective government (usage examples)

effective government (synonyms and related)

effective group (phrases)

effective group (usage examples)

effective growth (phrases)

effective growth (usage examples)

effective guard dog (phrases)

effective guard dog (usage examples)

effective guidance (phrases)

effective guidance (usage examples)

effective guidance (synonyms and related)

effective guide (phrases)

effective guide (usage examples)

effective guide (synonyms and related)

effective guidelines (phrases)

effective guidelines (usage examples)

effective habits (phrases)

effective habits (usage examples)

effective handling (phrases)

effective handling (usage examples)

effective headline (phrases)

effective headline (usage examples)

effective health (phrases)

effective health (usage examples)

effective heat capacity (phrases)

effective heat capacity (usage examples)

effective hedge (phrases)

effective hedge (usage examples)

effective help (phrases)

effective help (usage examples)

effective help (synonyms and related)

effective herbal remedy (phrases)

effective herbal remedy (usage examples)

effective home (phrases)

effective home (usage examples)

effective home remedy (phrases)

effective home remedy (usage examples)

effective hook (phrases)

effective hook (usage examples)

effective ideas (phrases)

effective ideas (usage examples)

effective ideas (synonyms and related)

effective identification (phrases)

effective identification (usage examples)

effective immune response (phrases)

effective immune response (usage examples)

effective immunotherapy (phrases)

effective immunotherapy (usage examples)

effective impact (phrases)

effective impact (usage examples)

effective implementation (phrases)

effective implementation (usage examples)

effective implementation (synonyms and related)

effective improvement (phrases)

effective improvement (usage examples)

effective incentive (phrases)

effective incentive (usage examples)

effective inclusion (phrases)

effective inclusion (usage examples)

effective income (phrases)

effective income (usage examples)

effective increase (phrases)

effective increase (usage examples)

effective influence (phrases)

effective influence (usage examples)

effective information (phrases)

effective information (usage examples)

effective ingredients (phrases)

effective ingredients (usage examples)

effective ingredients (synonyms and related)

effective inhibitor (phrases)

effective inhibitor (usage examples)

effective initiatives (phrases)

effective initiatives (usage examples)

effective innovations (phrases)

effective innovations (usage examples)

effective institutions (phrases)

effective institutions (usage examples)

effective instruction (phrases)

effective instruction (usage examples)

effective instruction (synonyms and related)

effective instructional design (phrases)

effective instructional design (usage examples)

effective instructional leaders (phrases)

effective instructional leaders (usage examples)

effective instructional leadership (phrases)

effective instructional leadership (usage examples)

effective instructional methods (phrases)

effective instructional methods (usage examples)

effective instructional practices (phrases)

effective instructional practices (usage examples)

effective instructional programs (phrases)

effective instructional programs (usage examples)

effective instructional strategies (phrases)

effective instructional strategies (usage examples)

effective instructional techniques (phrases)

effective instructional techniques (usage examples)

effective instructors (phrases)

effective instructors (usage examples)

effective instructors (synonyms and related)

effective instrument (phrases)

effective instrument (usage examples)

effective instrument (synonyms and related)

effective integration (phrases)

effective integration (usage examples)

effective integration (synonyms and related)

effective integration of technology (phrases)

effective integration of technology (usage examples)

effective interactions (phrases)

effective interactions (usage examples)

effective interactions (synonyms and related)

effective interest (phrases)

effective interest (usage examples)

effective interest rate (phrases)

effective interest rate (usage examples)

effective interest rate (synonyms and related)

effective interpersonal skills (phrases)

effective interpersonal skills (usage examples)

effective intervention strategies (phrases)

effective intervention strategies (usage examples)

effective intervention strategies (synonyms and related)

effective interventions (phrases)

effective interventions (usage examples)

effective interventions (synonyms and related)

effective interview (phrases)

effective interview (usage examples)

effective introduction (phrases)

effective introduction (usage examples)

effective investigation (phrases)

effective investigation (usage examples)

effective investigation (synonyms and related)

effective investment strategy (phrases)

effective investment strategy (usage examples)

effective investments (phrases)

effective investments (usage examples)

effective investments (synonyms and related)

effective issue (phrases)

effective issue (usage examples)

effective job (phrases)

effective job (usage examples)

effective job (synonyms and related)

effective job search (phrases)

effective job search (usage examples)

effective job search campaign (phrases)

effective job search campaign (usage examples)

effective job search strategy (phrases)

effective job search strategy (usage examples)

effective judicial protection (phrases)

effective judicial protection (usage examples)

effective keywords (phrases)

effective keywords (usage examples)

effective knowledge (phrases)

effective knowledge (usage examples)

effective knowledge transfer (phrases)

effective knowledge transfer (usage examples)

effective language (phrases)

effective language (usage examples)

effective language (synonyms and related)

effective law enforcement (phrases)

effective law enforcement (usage examples)

effective laws (phrases)

effective laws (usage examples)

effective laws (synonyms and related)

effective lawyer (phrases)

effective lawyer (usage examples)

effective lead (phrases)

effective lead (usage examples)

effective leader (phrases)

effective leader (usage examples)

effective leader (synonyms and related)

effective leadership (phrases)

effective leadership (usage examples)

effective leadership (synonyms and related)

effective leadership practices (phrases)

effective leadership practices (usage examples)

effective leadership skills (phrases)

effective leadership skills (usage examples)

effective learners (phrases)

effective learners (usage examples)

effective learning (phrases)

effective learning (usage examples)

effective learning (synonyms and related)

effective learning environment (phrases)

effective learning environment (usage examples)

effective learning environment (synonyms and related)

effective learning experiences (phrases)

effective learning experiences (usage examples)

effective learning objectives (phrases)

effective learning objectives (usage examples)

effective learning strategies (phrases)

effective learning strategies (usage examples)

effective learning tool (phrases)

effective learning tool (usage examples)

effective legal advice (phrases)

effective legal advice (usage examples)

effective legal counsel (phrases)

effective legal counsel (usage examples)

effective legal representation (phrases)

effective legal representation (usage examples)

effective legal representation (synonyms and related)

effective legal services (phrases)

effective legal services (usage examples)

effective legal strategy (phrases)

effective legal strategy (usage examples)

effective legal writing (phrases)

effective legal writing (usage examples)

effective legislation (phrases)

effective legislation (usage examples)

effective legislation (synonyms and related)

effective legislator (phrases)

effective legislator (usage examples)

effective lesson planning (phrases)

effective lesson planning (usage examples)

effective lesson plans (phrases)

effective lesson plans (usage examples)

effective lessons (phrases)

effective lessons (usage examples)

effective lessons (synonyms and related)

effective letter (phrases)

effective letter (usage examples)

effective letter (synonyms and related)

effective levels (phrases)

effective levels (usage examples)

effective levels (synonyms and related)

effective leverage (phrases)

effective leverage (usage examples)

effective liaison (phrases)

effective liaison (usage examples)

effective life (phrases)

effective life (usage examples)

effective limit (phrases)

effective limit (usage examples)

effective link (phrases)

effective link (usage examples)

effective link building (phrases)

effective link building (usage examples)

effective listening (phrases)

effective listening (usage examples)

effective listening (synonyms and related)

effective literacy (phrases)

effective literacy (usage examples)

effective literacy instruction (phrases)

effective literacy instruction (usage examples)

effective living (phrases)

effective living (usage examples)

effective maintenance (phrases)

effective maintenance (usage examples)

effective majority (phrases)

effective majority (usage examples)

effective malaria vaccine (phrases)

effective malaria vaccine (usage examples)

effective management (phrases)

effective management (usage examples)

effective management (synonyms and related)

effective management strategies (phrases)

effective management strategies (usage examples)

effective manager (phrases)

effective manager (usage examples)

effective manager (synonyms and related)

effective manner (phrases)

effective manner (usage examples)

effective manner (synonyms and related)

effective market (phrases)

effective market (usage examples)

effective marketer (phrases)

effective marketer (usage examples)

effective marketing (phrases)

effective marketing (usage examples)

effective marketing (synonyms and related)

effective marketing campaign (phrases)

effective marketing campaign (usage examples)

effective marketing campaign (synonyms and related)

effective marketing plan (phrases)

effective marketing plan (usage examples)

effective marketing plan (synonyms and related)

effective marketing programs (phrases)

effective marketing programs (usage examples)

effective marketing strategies (phrases)

effective marketing strategies (usage examples)

effective marketing strategies (synonyms and related)

effective marketing techniques (phrases)

effective marketing techniques (usage examples)

effective marketing tool (phrases)

effective marketing tool (usage examples)

effective marketing tool (synonyms and related)

effective marriage (phrases)

effective marriage (usage examples)

effective materials (phrases)

effective materials (usage examples)

effective math instruction (phrases)

effective math instruction (usage examples)

effective maturity (phrases)

effective maturity (usage examples)

effective measurement (phrases)

effective measurement (usage examples)

effective measures (phrases)

effective measures (usage examples)

effective measures (synonyms and related)

effective mechanism (phrases)

effective mechanism (usage examples)

effective mechanism (synonyms and related)

effective mediator (phrases)

effective mediator (usage examples)

effective medical treatment (phrases)

effective medical treatment (usage examples)

effective medications (phrases)

effective medications (usage examples)

effective medications (synonyms and related)

effective medicines (phrases)

effective medicines (usage examples)

effective medicines (synonyms and related)

effective medium (phrases)

effective medium (usage examples)

effective medium (synonyms and related)

effective meetings (phrases)

effective meetings (usage examples)

effective meetings (synonyms and related)

effective member (phrases)

effective member (usage examples)

effective member (synonyms and related)

effective mentor (phrases)

effective mentor (usage examples)

effective mentor (synonyms and related)

effective mentoring (phrases)

effective mentoring (usage examples)

effective mentoring (synonyms and related)

effective merchandising (phrases)

effective merchandising (usage examples)

effective message (phrases)

effective message (usage examples)

effective message (synonyms and related)

effective messaging (phrases)

effective messaging (usage examples)

effective method (phrases)

effective method (usage examples)

effective method (synonyms and related)

effective methodologies (phrases)

effective methodologies (usage examples)

effective ministry (phrases)

effective ministry (usage examples)

effective ministry (synonyms and related)

effective mitigation (phrases)

effective mitigation (usage examples)

effective mix (phrases)

effective mix (usage examples)

effective mode (phrases)

effective mode (usage examples)

effective models (phrases)

effective models (usage examples)

effective models (synonyms and related)

effective moisturizer (phrases)

effective moisturizer (usage examples)

effective moments (phrases)

effective moments (usage examples)

effective money management (phrases)

effective money management (usage examples)

effective monitoring (phrases)

effective monitoring (usage examples)

effective monitoring (synonyms and related)

effective monopoly (phrases)

effective monopoly (usage examples)

effective motivator (phrases)

effective motivator (usage examples)

effective move (phrases)

effective move (usage examples)

effective movement (phrases)

effective movement (usage examples)

effective natural alternative (phrases)

effective natural alternative (usage examples)

effective natural ingredients (phrases)

effective natural ingredients (usage examples)

effective natural remedy (phrases)

effective natural remedy (usage examples)

effective natural treatments (phrases)

effective natural treatments (usage examples)

effective natural way (phrases)

effective natural way (usage examples)

effective negotiation (phrases)

effective negotiation (usage examples)

effective negotiation (synonyms and related)

effective negotiator (phrases)

effective negotiator (usage examples)

effective negotiator (synonyms and related)

effective network (phrases)

effective network (usage examples)

effective network (synonyms and related)

effective networking (phrases)

effective networking (usage examples)

effective networking (synonyms and related)

effective new therapies (phrases)

effective new therapies (usage examples)

effective new treatments (phrases)

effective new treatments (usage examples)

effective notes (phrases)

effective notes (usage examples)

effective number (phrases)

effective number (usage examples)

effective obedience training (phrases)

effective obedience training (usage examples)

effective objective (phrases)

effective objective (usage examples)

effective objective statement (phrases)

effective objective statement (usage examples)

effective one (phrases)

effective one (usage examples)

effective one (synonyms and related)

effective online courses (phrases)

effective online courses (usage examples)

effective online dating profile (phrases)

effective online dating profile (usage examples)

effective online presence (phrases)

effective online presence (usage examples)

effective online presence (synonyms and related)

effective online training (phrases)

effective online training (usage examples)

effective operation (phrases)

effective operation (usage examples)

effective operation (synonyms and related)

effective opportunity (phrases)

effective opportunity (usage examples)

effective opposition (phrases)

effective opposition (usage examples)

effective opposition (synonyms and related)

effective option (phrases)

effective option (usage examples)

effective option (synonyms and related)

effective organisation (phrases)

effective organisation (usage examples)

effective organization (phrases)

effective organization (usage examples)

effective organization (synonyms and related)

effective outcomes (phrases)

effective outcomes (usage examples)

effective outcomes (synonyms and related)

effective outlet (phrases)

effective outlet (usage examples)

effective outreach (phrases)

effective outreach (usage examples)

effective outreach (synonyms and related)

effective oversight (phrases)

effective oversight (usage examples)

effective oversight (synonyms and related)

effective pain management (phrases)

effective pain management (usage examples)

effective pain relief (phrases)

effective pain relief (usage examples)

effective pain reliever (phrases)

effective pain reliever (usage examples)

effective paper (phrases)

effective paper (usage examples)

effective parent (phrases)

effective parent (usage examples)

effective parent engagement (phrases)

effective parent engagement (usage examples)

effective parenting (phrases)

effective parenting (usage examples)

effective parenting (synonyms and related)

effective parenting plan (phrases)

effective parenting plan (usage examples)

effective parenting practices (phrases)

effective parenting practices (usage examples)

effective parenting skills (phrases)

effective parenting skills (usage examples)

effective parenting strategies (phrases)

effective parenting strategies (usage examples)

effective parenting techniques (phrases)

effective parenting techniques (usage examples)

effective part (phrases)

effective part (usage examples)

effective part (synonyms and related)

effective participants (phrases)

effective participants (usage examples)

effective participation (phrases)

effective participation (usage examples)

effective participation (synonyms and related)

effective partners (phrases)

effective partners (usage examples)

effective partners (synonyms and related)

effective partnerships (phrases)

effective partnerships (usage examples)

effective partnerships (synonyms and related)

effective path (phrases)

effective path (usage examples)

effective pathways (phrases)

effective pathways (usage examples)

effective pedagogical practices (phrases)

effective pedagogical practices (usage examples)

effective pedagogical strategies (phrases)

effective pedagogical strategies (usage examples)

effective pedagogy (phrases)

effective pedagogy (usage examples)

effective pedagogy (synonyms and related)

effective performance (phrases)

effective performance (usage examples)

effective performance (synonyms and related)

effective period (phrases)

effective period (usage examples)

effective piece (phrases)

effective piece (usage examples)

effective pipeline (phrases)

effective pipeline (usage examples)

effective pitch (phrases)

effective pitch (usage examples)

effective place (phrases)

effective place (usage examples)

effective plan (phrases)

effective plan (usage examples)

effective plan (synonyms and related)

effective planning (phrases)

effective planning (usage examples)

effective planning (synonyms and related)

effective platform (phrases)

effective platform (usage examples)

effective platform (synonyms and related)

effective play (phrases)

effective play (usage examples)

effective player (phrases)

effective player (usage examples)

effective policies (phrases)

effective policies (usage examples)

effective policies (synonyms and related)

effective policy responses (phrases)

effective policy responses (usage examples)

effective population size (phrases)

effective population size (usage examples)

effective power (phrases)

effective power (usage examples)

effective power (synonyms and related)

effective practices (phrases)

effective practices (usage examples)

effective practices (synonyms and related)

effective practitioners (phrases)

effective practitioners (usage examples)

effective preparation (phrases)

effective preparation (usage examples)

effective preparation (synonyms and related)

effective presence (phrases)

effective presence (usage examples)

effective presentation (phrases)

effective presentation (usage examples)

effective presentation (synonyms and related)

effective press release (phrases)

effective press release (usage examples)

effective pressure (phrases)

effective pressure (usage examples)

effective prevention (phrases)

effective prevention (usage examples)

effective prevention (synonyms and related)

effective prevention programs (phrases)

effective prevention programs (usage examples)

effective prevention strategies (phrases)

effective prevention strategies (usage examples)

effective preventive measure (phrases)

effective preventive measure (usage examples)

effective price (phrases)

effective price (usage examples)

effective price (synonyms and related)

effective principals (phrases)

effective principals (usage examples)

effective principles (phrases)

effective principles (usage examples)

effective problem (phrases)

effective problem (usage examples)

effective problem (synonyms and related)

effective problem solvers (phrases)

effective problem solvers (usage examples)

effective problem solving skills (phrases)

effective problem solving skills (usage examples)

effective procedures (phrases)

effective procedures (usage examples)

effective procedures (synonyms and related)

effective process (phrases)

effective process (usage examples)

effective process (synonyms and related)

effective products (phrases)

effective products (usage examples)

effective products (synonyms and related)

effective professional development (phrases)

effective professional development (usage examples)

effective professional development (synonyms and related)

effective professional development programs (phrases)

effective professional development programs (usage examples)

effective professional learning (phrases)

effective professional learning (usage examples)

effective professional learning communities (phrases)

effective professional learning communities (usage examples)

effective professional practice (phrases)

effective professional practice (usage examples)

effective professional relationships (phrases)

effective professional relationships (usage examples)

effective professionals (phrases)

effective professionals (usage examples)

effective profile (phrases)

effective profile (usage examples)

effective profile (synonyms and related)

effective programmes (phrases)

effective programmes (usage examples)

effective programming (phrases)

effective programming (usage examples)

effective programming (synonyms and related)

effective programs (phrases)

effective programs (usage examples)

effective programs (synonyms and related)

effective progress (phrases)

effective progress (usage examples)

effective project (phrases)

effective project (usage examples)

effective project management (phrases)

effective project management (usage examples)

effective promotion (phrases)

effective promotion (usage examples)

effective promotion (synonyms and related)

effective property (phrases)

effective property (usage examples)

effective property tax (phrases)

effective property tax (usage examples)

effective property tax rate (phrases)

effective property tax rate (usage examples)

effective prosecution (phrases)

effective prosecution (usage examples)

effective protection (phrases)

effective protection (usage examples)

effective protection (synonyms and related)

effective protocols (phrases)

effective protocols (usage examples)

effective provision (phrases)

effective provision (usage examples)

effective psychotherapy (phrases)

effective psychotherapy (usage examples)

effective public education (phrases)

effective public education (usage examples)

effective public policy (phrases)

effective public policy (usage examples)

effective pump (phrases)

effective pump (usage examples)

effective punishment (phrases)

effective punishment (usage examples)

effective query letter (phrases)

effective query letter (usage examples)

effective questions (phrases)

effective questions (usage examples)

effective questions (synonyms and related)

effective radiation (phrases)

effective radiation (usage examples)

effective radius (phrases)

effective radius (usage examples)

effective range (phrases)

effective range (usage examples)

effective range (synonyms and related)

effective rate (phrases)

effective rate (usage examples)

effective rate (synonyms and related)

effective ratings (phrases)

effective ratings (usage examples)

effective readers (phrases)

effective readers (usage examples)

effective reading (phrases)

effective reading (usage examples)

effective reading instruction (phrases)

effective reading instruction (usage examples)

effective reading programs (phrases)

effective reading programs (usage examples)

effective reading strategies (phrases)

effective reading strategies (usage examples)

effective recommendations (phrases)

effective recommendations (usage examples)

effective recovery (phrases)

effective recovery (usage examples)

effective recruitment (phrases)

effective recruitment (usage examples)

effective recruitment strategies (phrases)

effective recruitment strategies (usage examples)

effective reduction (phrases)

effective reduction (usage examples)

effective referrals (phrases)

effective referrals (usage examples)

effective reform (phrases)

effective reform (usage examples)

effective reform (synonyms and related)

effective regulation (phrases)

effective regulation (usage examples)

effective regulation (synonyms and related)

effective relationships (phrases)

effective relationships (usage examples)

effective relationships (synonyms and related)

effective relief (phrases)

effective relief (usage examples)

effective relief (synonyms and related)

effective remedy (phrases)

effective remedy (usage examples)

effective remedy (synonyms and related)

effective removal (phrases)

effective removal (usage examples)

effective rent growth (phrases)

effective rent growth (usage examples)

effective rents (phrases)

effective rents (usage examples)

effective repair (phrases)

effective repair (usage examples)

effective replacement (phrases)

effective replacement (usage examples)

effective replacement (synonyms and related)

effective representation (phrases)

effective representation (usage examples)

effective representation (synonyms and related)

effective representative (phrases)

effective representative (usage examples)

effective research (phrases)

effective research (usage examples)

effective research (synonyms and related)

effective resolution (phrases)

effective resolution (usage examples)

effective resolution (synonyms and related)

effective resources (phrases)

effective resources (usage examples)

effective resources (synonyms and related)

effective response (phrases)

effective response (usage examples)

effective response (synonyms and related)

effective results (phrases)

effective results (usage examples)

effective results (synonyms and related)

effective resume (phrases)

effective resume (usage examples)

effective return (phrases)

effective return (usage examples)

effective return (synonyms and related)

effective review (phrases)

effective review (usage examples)

effective rewards (phrases)

effective rewards (usage examples)

effective rewards rate (phrases)

effective rewards rate (usage examples)

effective risk management (phrases)

effective risk management (usage examples)

effective risk management (synonyms and related)

effective role (phrases)

effective role (usage examples)

effective role (synonyms and related)

effective role models (phrases)

effective role models (usage examples)

effective route (phrases)

effective route (usage examples)

effective routines (phrases)

effective routines (usage examples)

effective rules (phrases)

effective rules (usage examples)

effective running (phrases)

effective running (usage examples)

effective running (synonyms and related)

effective safeguards (phrases)

effective safeguards (usage examples)

effective sales (phrases)

effective sales (usage examples)

effective sales (synonyms and related)

effective sales pitch (phrases)

effective sales pitch (usage examples)

effective sales presentations (phrases)

effective sales presentations (usage examples)

effective sales process (phrases)

effective sales process (usage examples)

effective sales strategies (phrases)

effective sales strategies (usage examples)

effective sales strategies (synonyms and related)

effective sales techniques (phrases)

effective sales techniques (usage examples)

effective sales tool (phrases)

effective sales tool (usage examples)

effective sample (phrases)

effective sample (usage examples)

effective sample size (phrases)

effective sample size (usage examples)

effective sanctions (phrases)

effective sanctions (usage examples)

effective savings (phrases)

effective savings (usage examples)

effective school boards (phrases)

effective school boards (usage examples)

effective school improvement (phrases)

effective school improvement (usage examples)

effective school leaders (phrases)

effective school leaders (usage examples)

effective school leadership (phrases)

effective school leadership (usage examples)

effective school libraries (phrases)

effective school libraries (usage examples)

effective school library programs (phrases)

effective school library programs (usage examples)

effective school practices (phrases)

effective school practices (usage examples)

effective school principals (phrases)

effective school principals (usage examples)

effective school reform (phrases)

effective school reform (usage examples)

effective school system (phrases)

effective school system (usage examples)

effective schooling (phrases)

effective schooling (usage examples)

effective schools (phrases)

effective schools (usage examples)

effective schools (synonyms and related)

effective schools research (phrases)

effective schools research (usage examples)

effective science instruction (phrases)

effective science instruction (usage examples)

effective science teaching (phrases)

effective science teaching (usage examples)

effective score (phrases)

effective score (usage examples)

effective screening (phrases)

effective screening (usage examples)

effective scrutiny (phrases)

effective scrutiny (usage examples)

effective search (phrases)

effective search (usage examples)

effective search (synonyms and related)

effective security (phrases)

effective security (usage examples)

effective selection (phrases)

effective selection (usage examples)

effective sensitivity (phrases)

effective sensitivity (usage examples)

effective service delivery (phrases)

effective service delivery (usage examples)

effective service delivery (synonyms and related)

effective services (phrases)

effective services (usage examples)

effective services (synonyms and related)

effective set (phrases)

effective set (usage examples)

effective sharing (phrases)

effective sharing (usage examples)

effective sign (phrases)

effective sign (usage examples)

effective site (phrases)

effective site (usage examples)

effective size (phrases)

effective size (usage examples)

effective size (synonyms and related)

effective skills (phrases)

effective skills (usage examples)

effective skills (synonyms and related)

effective social skills (phrases)

effective social skills (usage examples)

effective solutions (phrases)

effective solutions (usage examples)

effective solutions (synonyms and related)

effective source (phrases)

effective source (usage examples)

effective source (synonyms and related)

effective speaker (phrases)

effective speaker (usage examples)

effective spending (phrases)

effective spending (usage examples)

effective staff (phrases)

effective staff (usage examples)

effective staff development (phrases)

effective staff development (usage examples)

effective standards (phrases)

effective standards (usage examples)

effective steps (phrases)

effective steps (usage examples)

effective steps (synonyms and related)

effective stewards (phrases)

effective stewards (usage examples)

effective stimulus (phrases)

effective stimulus (usage examples)

effective story (phrases)

effective story (usage examples)

effective story (synonyms and related)

effective storytelling (phrases)

effective storytelling (usage examples)

effective strategies (phrases)

effective strategies (usage examples)

effective strategies (synonyms and related)

effective strength training (phrases)

effective strength training (usage examples)

effective striker (phrases)

effective striker (usage examples)

effective structure (phrases)

effective structure (usage examples)

effective structure (synonyms and related)

effective student (phrases)

effective student (usage examples)

effective student learning (phrases)

effective student learning (usage examples)

effective study habits (phrases)

effective study habits (usage examples)

effective study skills (phrases)

effective study skills (usage examples)

effective style (phrases)

effective style (usage examples)

effective substitute (phrases)

effective substitute (usage examples)

effective substitute (synonyms and related)

effective suggestions (phrases)

effective suggestions (usage examples)

effective summary (phrases)

effective summary (usage examples)

effective sunscreen (phrases)

effective sunscreen (usage examples)

effective superintendent (phrases)

effective superintendent (usage examples)

effective supervision (phrases)

effective supervision (usage examples)

effective supervision (synonyms and related)

effective supplement (phrases)

effective supplement (usage examples)

effective supplement (synonyms and related)

effective support (phrases)

effective support (usage examples)

effective support (synonyms and related)

effective support system (phrases)

effective support system (usage examples)

effective system (phrases)

effective system (usage examples)

effective system (synonyms and related)

effective tactic (phrases)

effective tactic (usage examples)

effective tactic (synonyms and related)

effective target (phrases)

effective target (usage examples)

effective tax (phrases)

effective tax (usage examples)

effective tax rate (phrases)

effective tax rate (usage examples)

effective tax rate (synonyms and related)

effective teacher evaluation system (phrases)

effective teacher evaluation system (usage examples)

effective teacher evaluations (phrases)

effective teacher evaluations (usage examples)

effective teacher in every classroom (phrases)

effective teacher in every classroom (usage examples)

effective teacher leaders (phrases)

effective teacher leaders (usage examples)

effective teacher preparation (phrases)

effective teacher preparation (usage examples)

effective teacher training (phrases)

effective teacher training (usage examples)

effective teachers (phrases)

effective teachers (usage examples)

effective teachers (synonyms and related)

effective teaching (phrases)

effective teaching (usage examples)

effective teaching (synonyms and related)

effective teaching and learning (phrases)

effective teaching and learning (usage examples)

effective teaching methods (phrases)

effective teaching methods (usage examples)

effective teaching methods (synonyms and related)

effective teaching practices (phrases)

effective teaching practices (usage examples)

effective teaching strategies (phrases)

effective teaching strategies (usage examples)

effective teaching strategies (synonyms and related)

effective teaching techniques (phrases)

effective teaching techniques (usage examples)

effective teaching tool (phrases)

effective teaching tool (usage examples)

effective team (phrases)

effective team (usage examples)

effective team (synonyms and related)

effective team leader (phrases)

effective team leader (usage examples)

effective team management (phrases)

effective team management (usage examples)

effective team member (phrases)

effective team member (usage examples)

effective team player (phrases)

effective team player (usage examples)

effective teamwork (phrases)

effective teamwork (usage examples)

effective teamwork (synonyms and related)

effective techniques (phrases)

effective techniques (usage examples)

effective techniques (synonyms and related)

effective technology (phrases)

effective technology (usage examples)

effective technology (synonyms and related)

effective technology integration (phrases)

effective technology integration (usage examples)

effective technology use (phrases)

effective technology use (usage examples)

effective temperature (phrases)

effective temperature (usage examples)

effective term (phrases)

effective term (usage examples)

effective testosterone booster (phrases)

effective testosterone booster (usage examples)

effective therapeutic approach (phrases)

effective therapeutic approach (usage examples)

effective therapeutic interventions (phrases)

effective therapeutic interventions (usage examples)

effective therapeutic options (phrases)

effective therapeutic options (usage examples)

effective therapeutic strategies (phrases)

effective therapeutic strategies (usage examples)

effective therapist (phrases)

effective therapist (usage examples)

effective therapy (phrases)

effective therapy (usage examples)

effective therapy (synonyms and related)

effective things (phrases)

effective things (usage examples)

effective thriller (phrases)

effective thriller (usage examples)

effective time (phrases)

effective time (usage examples)

effective time (synonyms and related)

effective time management (phrases)

effective time management (usage examples)

effective time management (synonyms and related)

effective time management skills (phrases)

effective time management skills (usage examples)

effective tips (phrases)

effective tips (usage examples)

effective tips (synonyms and related)

effective title (phrases)

effective title (usage examples)

effective tool (phrases)

effective tool (usage examples)

effective tool (synonyms and related)

effective trading (phrases)

effective trading (usage examples)

effective trading strategy (phrases)

effective trading strategy (usage examples)

effective trainer (phrases)

effective trainer (usage examples)

effective training (phrases)

effective training (usage examples)

effective training (synonyms and related)

effective training methods (phrases)

effective training methods (usage examples)

effective training program (phrases)

effective training program (usage examples)

effective training program (synonyms and related)

effective training tool (phrases)

effective training tool (usage examples)

effective transfer (phrases)

effective transfer (usage examples)

effective transition (phrases)

effective transition (usage examples)

effective transition (synonyms and related)

effective translation (phrases)

effective translation (usage examples)

effective transmission (phrases)

effective transmission (usage examples)

effective treatment (phrases)

effective treatment (usage examples)

effective treatment (synonyms and related)

effective treatment for this disease (phrases)

effective treatment for this disease (usage examples)

effective treatment methods (phrases)

effective treatment methods (usage examples)

effective treatment options (phrases)

effective treatment options (usage examples)

effective treatment options (synonyms and related)

effective treatment plan (phrases)

effective treatment plan (usage examples)

effective treatment plan (synonyms and related)

effective treatment strategies (phrases)

effective treatment strategies (usage examples)

effective treatment strategies (synonyms and related)

effective trick (phrases)

effective trick (usage examples)

effective type (phrases)

effective type (usage examples)

effective understanding (phrases)

effective understanding (usage examples)

effective unit (phrases)

effective unit (usage examples)

effective unit (synonyms and related)

effective usage (phrases)

effective usage (usage examples)

effective use (phrases)

effective use (usage examples)

effective use (synonyms and related)

effective use of data (phrases)

effective use of data (usage examples)

effective use of resources (phrases)

effective use of resources (usage examples)

effective use of someone (phrases)

effective use of someone (usage examples)

effective use of technology (phrases)

effective use of technology (usage examples)

effective use of technology (synonyms and related)

effective users (phrases)

effective users (usage examples)

effective users (synonyms and related)

effective utilization (phrases)

effective utilization (usage examples)

effective utilization (synonyms and related)

effective vaccination (phrases)

effective vaccination (usage examples)

effective vaccine (phrases)

effective vaccine (usage examples)

effective vaccine (synonyms and related)

effective value (phrases)

effective value (usage examples)

effective vehicle (phrases)

effective vehicle (usage examples)

effective vehicle (synonyms and related)

effective veto (phrases)

effective veto (usage examples)

effective video (phrases)

effective video (usage examples)

effective vocabulary instruction (phrases)

effective vocabulary instruction (usage examples)

effective voice (phrases)

effective voice (usage examples)

effective voice (synonyms and related)

effective watchdog (phrases)

effective watchdog (usage examples)

effective watchdog (synonyms and related)

effective way (phrases)

effective way (usage examples)

effective way (synonyms and related)

effective weapon (phrases)

effective weapon (usage examples)

effective weapon (synonyms and related)

effective website (phrases)

effective website (usage examples)

effective website (synonyms and related)

effective weight (phrases)

effective weight (usage examples)

effective weight loss (phrases)

effective weight loss (usage examples)

effective weight loss (synonyms and related)

effective weight loss program (phrases)

effective weight loss program (usage examples)

effective weight loss solution (phrases)

effective weight loss solution (usage examples)

effective weight loss strategy (phrases)

effective weight loss strategy (usage examples)

effective weight loss supplement (phrases)

effective weight loss supplement (usage examples)

effective weight loss tool (phrases)

effective weight loss tool (usage examples)

effective witness (phrases)

effective witness (usage examples)

effective words (phrases)

effective words (usage examples)

effective work (phrases)

effective work (usage examples)

effective work (synonyms and related)

effective workforce (phrases)

effective workforce (usage examples)

effective working (phrases)

effective working (usage examples)

effective working (synonyms and related)

effective working relationships (phrases)

effective working relationships (usage examples)

effective workout (phrases)

effective workout (usage examples)

effective workout (synonyms and related)

effective workout routines (phrases)

effective workout routines (usage examples)

effective writers (phrases)

effective writers (usage examples)

effective writers (synonyms and related)

effective writing (phrases)

effective writing (usage examples)

effective writing (synonyms and related)

effective yield (phrases)

effective yield (usage examples)

effectiveness (phrases)

effectiveness (usage examples)

effectiveness (synonyms and related)

effectiveness data (phrases)

effectiveness data (usage examples)

effectiveness evaluation (phrases)

effectiveness evaluation (usage examples)

effectiveness in the classroom (phrases)

effectiveness in the classroom (usage examples)

effectiveness levels (phrases)

effectiveness levels (usage examples)

effectiveness measures (phrases)

effectiveness measures (usage examples)

effectiveness of (phrases)

effectiveness of (usage examples)

effectiveness of (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of antibiotics (phrases)

effectiveness of antibiotics (usage examples)

effectiveness of charter schools (phrases)

effectiveness of charter schools (usage examples)

effectiveness of chemotherapy (phrases)

effectiveness of chemotherapy (usage examples)

effectiveness of educators (phrases)

effectiveness of educators (usage examples)

effectiveness of individual teachers (phrases)

effectiveness of individual teachers (usage examples)

effectiveness of instruction (phrases)

effectiveness of instruction (usage examples)

effectiveness of insulin (phrases)

effectiveness of insulin (usage examples)

effectiveness of interventions (phrases)

effectiveness of interventions (usage examples)

effectiveness of interventions (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of medications (phrases)

effectiveness of medications (usage examples)

effectiveness of monetary policy (phrases)

effectiveness of monetary policy (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's campaigns (phrases)

effectiveness of one's campaigns (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's efforts (phrases)

effectiveness of one's efforts (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's programs (phrases)

effectiveness of one's programs (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's programs (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of one's teachers (phrases)

effectiveness of one's teachers (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's teaching (phrases)

effectiveness of one's teaching (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's training (phrases)

effectiveness of one's training (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's treatment (phrases)

effectiveness of one's treatment (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's work (phrases)

effectiveness of one's work (usage examples)

effectiveness of one's workout (phrases)

effectiveness of one's workout (usage examples)

effectiveness of professional development (phrases)

effectiveness of professional development (usage examples)

effectiveness of professional learning (phrases)

effectiveness of professional learning (usage examples)

effectiveness of schools (phrases)

effectiveness of schools (usage examples)

effectiveness of services (phrases)

effectiveness of services (usage examples)

effectiveness of something (phrases)

effectiveness of something (usage examples)

effectiveness of teachers (phrases)

effectiveness of teachers (usage examples)

effectiveness of teaching (phrases)

effectiveness of teaching (usage examples)

effectiveness of the campaign (phrases)

effectiveness of the campaign (usage examples)

effectiveness of the course (phrases)

effectiveness of the course (usage examples)

effectiveness of the drug (phrases)

effectiveness of the drug (usage examples)

effectiveness of the drug (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of the exercise (phrases)

effectiveness of the exercise (usage examples)

effectiveness of the initiative (phrases)

effectiveness of the initiative (usage examples)

effectiveness of the lesson (phrases)

effectiveness of the lesson (usage examples)

effectiveness of the model (phrases)

effectiveness of the model (usage examples)

effectiveness of the plan (phrases)

effectiveness of the plan (usage examples)

effectiveness of the policy (phrases)

effectiveness of the policy (usage examples)

effectiveness of the process (phrases)

effectiveness of the process (usage examples)

effectiveness of the product (phrases)

effectiveness of the product (usage examples)

effectiveness of the product (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of the program (phrases)

effectiveness of the program (usage examples)

effectiveness of the program (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of the programme (phrases)

effectiveness of the programme (usage examples)

effectiveness of the system (phrases)

effectiveness of the system (usage examples)

effectiveness of the technique (phrases)

effectiveness of the technique (usage examples)

effectiveness of the technology (phrases)

effectiveness of the technology (usage examples)

effectiveness of the vaccine (phrases)

effectiveness of the vaccine (usage examples)

effectiveness of the workout (phrases)

effectiveness of the workout (usage examples)

effectiveness of therapy (phrases)

effectiveness of therapy (usage examples)

effectiveness of therapy (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of these practices (phrases)

effectiveness of these practices (usage examples)

effectiveness of this approach (phrases)

effectiveness of this approach (usage examples)

effectiveness of this approach (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of this diet (phrases)

effectiveness of this diet (usage examples)

effectiveness of this method (phrases)

effectiveness of this method (usage examples)

effectiveness of this strategy (phrases)

effectiveness of this strategy (usage examples)

effectiveness of this strategy (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of this supplement (phrases)

effectiveness of this supplement (usage examples)

effectiveness of those efforts (phrases)

effectiveness of those efforts (usage examples)

effectiveness of training (phrases)

effectiveness of training (usage examples)

effectiveness of training (synonyms and related)

effectiveness of training programs (phrases)

effectiveness of training programs (usage examples)

effectiveness of treatment (phrases)

effectiveness of treatment (usage examples)

effectiveness of treatment (synonyms and related)

effectiveness policies (phrases)

effectiveness policies (usage examples)

effectiveness rate (phrases)

effectiveness rate (usage examples)

effectiveness ratings (phrases)

effectiveness ratings (usage examples)

effectiveness ratings (synonyms and related)

effectiveness research (phrases)

effectiveness research (usage examples)

effectiveness research (synonyms and related)

effectiveness score (phrases)

effectiveness score (usage examples)

effectiveness skills (phrases)

effectiveness skills (usage examples)

effectiveness standards (phrases)

effectiveness standards (usage examples)

effectiveness studies (phrases)

effectiveness studies (usage examples)

effectiveness studies (synonyms and related)

effectiveness system (phrases)

effectiveness system (usage examples)

effectiveness trial (phrases)

effectiveness trial (usage examples)

effectivity (phrases)

effectivity (usage examples)

effectivness (phrases)

effectivness (usage examples)

effector (phrases)

effector (usage examples)

effector (synonyms and related)

effector cells (phrases)

effector cells (usage examples)

effector functions (phrases)

effector functions (usage examples)

effector genes (phrases)

effector genes (usage examples)

effector memory (phrases)

effector memory (usage examples)

effector molecules (phrases)

effector molecules (usage examples)

effector proteins (phrases)

effector proteins (usage examples)

effects of a changing climate (phrases)

effects of a changing climate (usage examples)

effects of a collision (phrases)

effects of a collision (usage examples)

effects of a ketogenic diet (phrases)

effects of a ketogenic diet (usage examples)

effects of a stroke (phrases)

effects of a stroke (usage examples)

effects of acidification (phrases)

effects of acidification (usage examples)

effects of acupuncture (phrases)

effects of acupuncture (usage examples)

effects of addiction (phrases)

effects of addiction (usage examples)

effects of age (phrases)

effects of age (usage examples)

effects of aging (phrases)

effects of aging (usage examples)

effects of aging (synonyms and related)

effects of air pollution (phrases)

effects of air pollution (usage examples)

effects of alcohol (phrases)

effects of alcohol (usage examples)

effects of alcohol (synonyms and related)

effects of altitude (phrases)

effects of altitude (usage examples)

effects of an impact (phrases)

effects of an impact (usage examples)

effects of an overdose (phrases)

effects of an overdose (usage examples)

effects of anesthesia (phrases)

effects of anesthesia (usage examples)

effects of arthritis (phrases)

effects of arthritis (usage examples)

effects of breastfeeding (phrases)

effects of breastfeeding (usage examples)

effects of bullying (phrases)

effects of bullying (usage examples)

effects of caffeine (phrases)

effects of caffeine (usage examples)

effects of caffeine (synonyms and related)

effects of cancer (phrases)

effects of cancer (usage examples)

effects of carbon dioxide (phrases)

effects of carbon dioxide (usage examples)

effects of chemicals (phrases)

effects of chemicals (usage examples)

effects of chemotherapy (phrases)

effects of chemotherapy (usage examples)

effects of chronic stress (phrases)

effects of chronic stress (usage examples)

effects of class size (phrases)

effects of class size (usage examples)

effects of climate (phrases)

effects of climate (usage examples)

effects of climate change (phrases)

effects of climate change (usage examples)

effects of climate change (synonyms and related)

effects of cortisol (phrases)

effects of cortisol (usage examples)

effects of creatine (phrases)

effects of creatine (usage examples)

effects of dehydration (phrases)

effects of dehydration (usage examples)

effects of depression (phrases)

effects of depression (usage examples)

effects of diabetes (phrases)

effects of diabetes (usage examples)

effects of divorce (phrases)

effects of divorce (usage examples)

effects of divorce on children (phrases)

effects of divorce on children (usage examples)

effects of divorce on children (synonyms and related)

effects of dopamine (phrases)

effects of dopamine (usage examples)

effects of drought (phrases)

effects of drought (usage examples)

effects of drought (synonyms and related)

effects of estrogen (phrases)

effects of estrogen (usage examples)

effects of exercise (phrases)

effects of exercise (usage examples)

effects of extreme weather (phrases)

effects of extreme weather (usage examples)

effects of fatigue (phrases)

effects of fatigue (usage examples)

effects of free radicals (phrases)

effects of free radicals (usage examples)

effects of free radicals (synonyms and related)

effects of fructose (phrases)

effects of fructose (usage examples)

effects of genes (phrases)

effects of genes (usage examples)

effects of global climate change (phrases)

effects of global climate change (usage examples)

effects of global climate change (synonyms and related)

effects of global warming (phrases)

effects of global warming (usage examples)

effects of global warming (synonyms and related)

effects of gravity (phrases)

effects of gravity (usage examples)

effects of gravity (synonyms and related)

effects of hormones (phrases)

effects of hormones (usage examples)

effects of hurricanes (phrases)

effects of hurricanes (usage examples)

effects of inflammation (phrases)

effects of inflammation (usage examples)

effects of inflation (phrases)

effects of inflation (usage examples)

effects of inflation (synonyms and related)

effects of insulin (phrases)

effects of insulin (usage examples)

effects of insulin (synonyms and related)

effects of jet lag (phrases)

effects of jet lag (usage examples)

effects of light (phrases)

effects of light (usage examples)

effects of light (synonyms and related)

effects of low testosterone (phrases)

effects of low testosterone (usage examples)

effects of malnutrition (phrases)

effects of malnutrition (usage examples)

effects of marijuana (phrases)

effects of marijuana (usage examples)

effects of medication (phrases)

effects of medication (usage examples)

effects of medication (synonyms and related)

effects of meditation (phrases)

effects of meditation (usage examples)

effects of menopause (phrases)

effects of menopause (usage examples)

effects of natural disasters (phrases)

effects of natural disasters (usage examples)

effects of ocean acidification (phrases)

effects of ocean acidification (usage examples)

effects of one's actions (phrases)

effects of one's actions (usage examples)

effects of one's actions (synonyms and related)

effects of one's practice (phrases)

effects of one's practice (usage examples)

effects of one's work (phrases)

effects of one's work (usage examples)

effects of opioids (phrases)

effects of opioids (usage examples)

effects of osteoporosis (phrases)

effects of osteoporosis (usage examples)

effects of oxidative stress (phrases)

effects of oxidative stress (usage examples)

effects of pesticides (phrases)

effects of pesticides (usage examples)

effects of policies (phrases)

effects of policies (usage examples)

effects of pollution (phrases)

effects of pollution (usage examples)

effects of pollution (synonyms and related)

effects of poverty (phrases)

effects of poverty (usage examples)

effects of poverty (synonyms and related)

effects of prayer (phrases)

effects of prayer (usage examples)

effects of racism (phrases)

effects of racism (usage examples)

effects of radiation (phrases)

effects of radiation (usage examples)

effects of radiation (synonyms and related)

effects of reforms (phrases)

effects of reforms (usage examples)

effects of regulations (phrases)

effects of regulations (usage examples)

effects of rising interest rates (phrases)

effects of rising interest rates (usage examples)

effects of rising sea levels (phrases)

effects of rising sea levels (usage examples)

effects of sea level rise (phrases)

effects of sea level rise (usage examples)

effects of sin (phrases)

effects of sin (usage examples)

effects of sleep deprivation (phrases)

effects of sleep deprivation (usage examples)

effects of smoking (phrases)

effects of smoking (usage examples)

effects of sodium (phrases)

effects of sodium (usage examples)

effects of something (phrases)

effects of something (usage examples)

effects of something (synonyms and related)

effects of steroids (phrases)

effects of steroids (usage examples)

effects of stress (phrases)

effects of stress (usage examples)

effects of stress (synonyms and related)

effects of sugar (phrases)

effects of sugar (usage examples)

effects of technology (phrases)

effects of technology (usage examples)

effects of testosterone (phrases)

effects of testosterone (usage examples)

effects of that action (phrases)

effects of that action (usage examples)

effects of the accident (phrases)

effects of the accident (usage examples)

effects of the condition (phrases)

effects of the condition (usage examples)

effects of the condition (synonyms and related)

effects of the credit crunch (phrases)

effects of the credit crunch (usage examples)

effects of the crisis (phrases)

effects of the crisis (usage examples)

effects of the cuts (phrases)

effects of the cuts (usage examples)

effects of the disaster (phrases)

effects of the disaster (usage examples)

effects of the disease (phrases)

effects of the disease (usage examples)

effects of the disease (synonyms and related)

effects of the drug (phrases)

effects of the drug (usage examples)

effects of the drug (synonyms and related)

effects of the economic downturn (phrases)

effects of the economic downturn (usage examples)

effects of the fall (phrases)

effects of the fall (usage examples)

effects of the financial crisis (phrases)

effects of the financial crisis (usage examples)

effects of the injury (phrases)

effects of the injury (usage examples)

effects of the program (phrases)

effects of the program (usage examples)

effects of the program (synonyms and related)

effects of the recession (phrases)

effects of the recession (usage examples)

effects of the recession (synonyms and related)

effects of the storm (phrases)

effects of the storm (usage examples)

effects of the storm (synonyms and related)

effects of the sun (phrases)

effects of the sun (usage examples)

effects of the toxins (phrases)

effects of the toxins (usage examples)

effects of therapy (phrases)

effects of therapy (usage examples)

effects of these changes (phrases)

effects of these changes (usage examples)

effects of these changes (synonyms and related)

effects of these factors (phrases)

effects of these factors (usage examples)

effects of these foods (phrases)

effects of these foods (usage examples)

effects of these supplements (phrases)

effects of these supplements (usage examples)

effects of this product (phrases)

effects of this product (usage examples)

effects of time (phrases)

effects of time (usage examples)

effects of training (phrases)

effects of training (usage examples)

effects of trauma (phrases)

effects of trauma (usage examples)

effects of trauma (synonyms and related)

effects of treatment (phrases)

effects of treatment (usage examples)

effects of treatment (synonyms and related)

effects of violence (phrases)

effects of violence (usage examples)

effects of volcanic eruptions (phrases)

effects of volcanic eruptions (usage examples)

effects of war (phrases)

effects of war (usage examples)

effects of warming (phrases)

effects of warming (usage examples)

effects of weather (phrases)

effects of weather (usage examples)

effects someone desire (phrases)

effects someone desire (usage examples)

effects someone mention (phrases)

effects someone mention (usage examples)

effects someone observe (phrases)

effects someone observe (usage examples)

effects something produces (phrases)

effects something produces (usage examples)

effectual (phrases)

effectual (usage examples)

effectual (synonyms and related)

effectuation (phrases)

effectuation (usage examples)

effeminacy (phrases)

effeminacy (usage examples)

efferent (phrases)

efferent (usage examples)

effert (phrases)

effert (usage examples)

effervescence (phrases)

effervescence (usage examples)

effet (phrases)

effet (usage examples)

efffect (phrases)

efffect (usage examples)

efffort (phrases)

efffort (usage examples)

efficacious (phrases)

efficacious (usage examples)

efficacious (synonyms and related)

efficacious treatment (phrases)

efficacious treatment (usage examples)

efficaciousness (phrases)

efficaciousness (usage examples)

efficacy (phrases)

efficacy (usage examples)

efficacy (synonyms and related)

efficacy analysis (phrases)

efficacy analysis (usage examples)

efficacy and safety (phrases)

efficacy and safety (usage examples)

efficacy and safety (synonyms and related)

efficacy beliefs (phrases)

efficacy beliefs (usage examples)

efficacy data (phrases)

efficacy data (usage examples)

efficacy data (synonyms and related)

efficacy endpoint (phrases)

efficacy endpoint (usage examples)

efficacy evaluation (phrases)

efficacy evaluation (usage examples)

efficacy levels (phrases)

efficacy levels (usage examples)

efficacy measures (phrases)

efficacy measures (usage examples)

efficacy of immunotherapy (phrases)

efficacy of immunotherapy (usage examples)

efficacy of the intervention (phrases)

efficacy of the intervention (usage examples)

efficacy of the medication (phrases)

efficacy of the medication (usage examples)

efficacy of the method (phrases)

efficacy of the method (usage examples)

efficacy of the model (phrases)

efficacy of the model (usage examples)

efficacy of the program (phrases)

efficacy of the program (usage examples)

efficacy of the treatment (phrases)

efficacy of the treatment (usage examples)

efficacy of the treatment (synonyms and related)

efficacy of the vaccine (phrases)

efficacy of the vaccine (usage examples)

efficacy of the vaccine (synonyms and related)

efficacy of these drugs (phrases)

efficacy of these drugs (usage examples)

efficacy of this (phrases)

efficacy of this (usage examples)

efficacy of this approach (phrases)

efficacy of this approach (usage examples)

efficacy of this product (phrases)

efficacy of this product (usage examples)

efficacy of this product (synonyms and related)

efficacy of this therapy (phrases)

efficacy of this therapy (usage examples)

efficacy profile (phrases)

efficacy profile (usage examples)

efficacy rate (phrases)

efficacy rate (usage examples)

efficacy rate (synonyms and related)

efficacy research (phrases)

efficacy research (usage examples)

efficacy standards (phrases)

efficacy standards (usage examples)

efficacy studies (phrases)

efficacy studies (usage examples)

efficacy studies (synonyms and related)

efficacy testing (phrases)

efficacy testing (usage examples)

efficacy trials (phrases)

efficacy trials (usage examples)

efficacy trials (synonyms and related)

efficency (phrases)

efficency (usage examples)

efficie (phrases)

efficie (usage examples)

efficien (phrases)

efficien (usage examples)

efficience (phrases)

efficience (usage examples)

efficiency (phrases)

efficiency (usage examples)

efficiency (synonyms and related)

efficiency advantages (phrases)

efficiency advantages (usage examples)

efficiency and effectiveness (phrases)

efficiency and effectiveness (usage examples)

efficiency and effectiveness (synonyms and related)

efficiency and productivity (phrases)

efficiency and productivity (usage examples)

efficiency and productivity (synonyms and related)

efficiency apartment (phrases)

efficiency apartment (usage examples)

efficiency assistant (phrases)

efficiency assistant (usage examples)

efficiency benefits (phrases)

efficiency benefits (usage examples)

efficiency benefits (synonyms and related)

efficiency cores (phrases)

efficiency cores (usage examples)

efficiency drive (phrases)

efficiency drive (usage examples)

efficiency efforts (phrases)

efficiency efforts (usage examples)

efficiency enhancements (phrases)

efficiency enhancements (usage examples)

efficiency enhancements (synonyms and related)

efficiency expert (phrases)

efficiency expert (usage examples)

efficiency expert (synonyms and related)

efficiency figures (phrases)

efficiency figures (usage examples)

efficiency furnace (phrases)

efficiency furnace (usage examples)

efficiency gains (phrases)

efficiency gains (usage examples)

efficiency gains (synonyms and related)

efficiency gap (phrases)

efficiency gap (usage examples)

efficiency goals (phrases)

efficiency goals (usage examples)

efficiency improvements (phrases)

efficiency improvements (usage examples)

efficiency improvements (synonyms and related)

efficiency increase (phrases)

efficiency increase (usage examples)

efficiency initiatives (phrases)

efficiency initiatives (usage examples)

efficiency initiatives (synonyms and related)

efficiency investments (phrases)

efficiency investments (usage examples)

efficiency issues (phrases)

efficiency issues (usage examples)

efficiency levels (phrases)

efficiency levels (usage examples)

efficiency levels (synonyms and related)

efficiency losses (phrases)

efficiency losses (usage examples)

efficiency losses (synonyms and related)

efficiency measures (phrases)

efficiency measures (usage examples)

efficiency measures (synonyms and related)

efficiency metrics (phrases)

efficiency metrics (usage examples)

efficiency mode (phrases)

efficiency mode (usage examples)

efficiency numbers (phrases)

efficiency numbers (usage examples)

efficiency of one's operations (phrases)

efficiency of one's operations (usage examples)

efficiency of one's workouts (phrases)

efficiency of one's workouts (usage examples)

efficiency of operations (phrases)

efficiency of operations (usage examples)

efficiency of operations (synonyms and related)

efficiency of photosynthesis (phrases)

efficiency of photosynthesis (usage examples)

efficiency of scale (phrases)

efficiency of scale (usage examples)

efficiency of solar cells (phrases)

efficiency of solar cells (usage examples)

efficiency of solar panels (phrases)

efficiency of solar panels (usage examples)

efficiency of the business (phrases)

efficiency of the business (usage examples)

efficiency of the car (phrases)

efficiency of the car (usage examples)

efficiency of the cells (phrases)

efficiency of the cells (usage examples)

efficiency of the company (phrases)

efficiency of the company (usage examples)

efficiency of the device (phrases)

efficiency of the device (usage examples)

efficiency of the engine (phrases)

efficiency of the engine (usage examples)

efficiency of the market (phrases)

efficiency of the market (usage examples)

efficiency of the organization (phrases)

efficiency of the organization (usage examples)

efficiency of the process (phrases)

efficiency of the process (usage examples)

efficiency of the process (synonyms and related)

efficiency of the system (phrases)

efficiency of the system (usage examples)

efficiency of the system (synonyms and related)

efficiency of the vehicle (phrases)

efficiency of the vehicle (usage examples)

efficiency plans (phrases)

efficiency plans (usage examples)

efficiency point (phrases)

efficiency point (usage examples)

efficiency policies (phrases)

efficiency policies (usage examples)

efficiency potential (phrases)

efficiency potential (usage examples)

efficiency programs (phrases)

efficiency programs (usage examples)

efficiency programs (synonyms and related)

efficiency projects (phrases)

efficiency projects (usage examples)

efficiency projects (synonyms and related)

efficiency purpose (phrases)

efficiency purpose (usage examples)

efficiency rate (phrases)

efficiency rate (usage examples)

efficiency rate (synonyms and related)

efficiency rating (phrases)

efficiency rating (usage examples)

efficiency rating (synonyms and related)

efficiency ratio (phrases)

efficiency ratio (usage examples)

efficiency reasons (phrases)

efficiency reasons (usage examples)

efficiency requirements (phrases)

efficiency requirements (usage examples)

efficiency review (phrases)

efficiency review (usage examples)

efficiency scores (phrases)

efficiency scores (usage examples)

efficiency someone want (phrases)

efficiency someone want (usage examples)

efficiency standards (phrases)

efficiency standards (usage examples)

efficiency standards (synonyms and related)

efficiency standpoint (phrases)

efficiency standpoint (usage examples)

efficiency studies (phrases)

efficiency studies (usage examples)

efficiency systems (phrases)

efficiency systems (usage examples)

efficiency targets (phrases)

efficiency targets (usage examples)

efficiency targets (synonyms and related)

efficiency technologies (phrases)

efficiency technologies (usage examples)

efficiency technologies (synonyms and related)

efficiency tips (phrases)

efficiency tips (usage examples)

efficiency tools (phrases)

efficiency tools (usage examples)

efficiency units (phrases)

efficiency units (usage examples)

efficiency upgrades (phrases)

efficiency upgrades (usage examples)

efficiency upgrades (synonyms and related)

efficiency washer (phrases)

efficiency washer (usage examples)

efficient (phrases)

efficient (usage examples)

efficient (synonyms and related)

efficient absorption (phrases)

efficient absorption (usage examples)

efficient access (phrases)

efficient access (usage examples)

efficient access (synonyms and related)

efficient administration (phrases)

efficient administration (usage examples)

efficient administration (synonyms and related)

efficient algorithms (phrases)

efficient algorithms (usage examples)

efficient allocation (phrases)

efficient allocation (usage examples)

efficient allocation (synonyms and related)

efficient allocation of resources (phrases)

efficient allocation of resources (usage examples)

efficient alternative (phrases)

efficient alternative (usage examples)

efficient appliances (phrases)

efficient appliances (usage examples)

efficient approach (phrases)

efficient approach (usage examples)

efficient approach (synonyms and related)

efficient braking system (phrases)

efficient braking system (usage examples)

efficient buildings (phrases)

efficient buildings (usage examples)

efficient business (phrases)

efficient business (usage examples)

efficient cars (phrases)

efficient cars (usage examples)

efficient cars (synonyms and related)

efficient catalyst (phrases)

efficient catalyst (usage examples)

efficient causes (phrases)

efficient causes (usage examples)

efficient combustion (phrases)

efficient combustion (usage examples)

efficient communication (phrases)

efficient communication (usage examples)

efficient communication (synonyms and related)

efficient completion (phrases)

efficient completion (usage examples)

efficient control (phrases)

efficient control (usage examples)

efficient conversion (phrases)

efficient conversion (usage examples)

efficient cooling (phrases)

efficient cooling (usage examples)

efficient customer service (phrases)

efficient customer service (usage examples)

efficient customer service (synonyms and related)

efficient decision (phrases)

efficient decision (usage examples)

efficient delivery (phrases)

efficient delivery (usage examples)

efficient delivery (synonyms and related)

efficient design (phrases)

efficient design (usage examples)

efficient design (synonyms and related)

efficient development (phrases)

efficient development (usage examples)

efficient diesel (phrases)

efficient diesel (usage examples)

efficient diesel engine (phrases)

efficient diesel engine (usage examples)

efficient digestion (phrases)

efficient digestion (usage examples)

efficient distribution (phrases)

efficient distribution (usage examples)

efficient driving (phrases)

efficient driving (usage examples)

efficient editing (phrases)

efficient editing (usage examples)

efficient energy (phrases)

efficient energy (usage examples)

efficient energy production (phrases)

efficient energy production (usage examples)

efficient energy use (phrases)

efficient energy use (usage examples)

efficient engines (phrases)

efficient engines (usage examples)

efficient equipment (phrases)

efficient equipment (usage examples)

efficient execution (phrases)

efficient execution (usage examples)

efficient execution (synonyms and related)

efficient exercise (phrases)

efficient exercise (usage examples)

efficient fashion (phrases)

efficient fashion (usage examples)

efficient flow (phrases)

efficient flow (usage examples)

efficient flow (synonyms and related)

efficient form (phrases)

efficient form (usage examples)

efficient frontier (phrases)

efficient frontier (usage examples)

efficient fuel economy (phrases)

efficient fuel economy (usage examples)

efficient functioning (phrases)

efficient functioning (usage examples)

efficient functioning (synonyms and related)

efficient generation (phrases)

efficient generation (usage examples)

efficient government (phrases)

efficient government (usage examples)

efficient handling (phrases)

efficient handling (usage examples)

efficient handling (synonyms and related)

efficient homes (phrases)

efficient homes (usage examples)

efficient hybrid (phrases)

efficient hybrid (usage examples)

efficient implementation (phrases)

efficient implementation (usage examples)

efficient job (phrases)

efficient job (usage examples)

efficient layout (phrases)

efficient layout (usage examples)

efficient legal services (phrases)

efficient legal services (usage examples)

efficient lighting (phrases)

efficient lighting (usage examples)

efficient machine (phrases)

efficient machine (usage examples)

efficient maintenance (phrases)

efficient maintenance (usage examples)

efficient management (phrases)

efficient management (usage examples)

efficient management (synonyms and related)

efficient manager (phrases)

efficient manager (usage examples)

efficient manner (phrases)

efficient manner (usage examples)

efficient manner (synonyms and related)

efficient market (phrases)

efficient market (usage examples)

efficient market (synonyms and related)

efficient market hypothesis (phrases)

efficient market hypothesis (usage examples)

efficient market hypothesis (synonyms and related)

efficient market theorists (phrases)

efficient market theorists (usage examples)

efficient market theory (phrases)

efficient market theory (usage examples)

efficient market theory (synonyms and related)

efficient marketplace (phrases)

efficient marketplace (usage examples)

efficient mechanism (phrases)

efficient mechanism (usage examples)

efficient mechanism (synonyms and related)

efficient metabolism (phrases)

efficient metabolism (usage examples)

efficient method (phrases)

efficient method (usage examples)

efficient method (synonyms and related)

efficient mode (phrases)

efficient mode (usage examples)

efficient model (phrases)

efficient model (usage examples)

efficient movement (phrases)

efficient movement (usage examples)

efficient movement (synonyms and related)

efficient office operations (phrases)

efficient office operations (usage examples)

efficient operation (phrases)

efficient operation (usage examples)

efficient operation (synonyms and related)

efficient option (phrases)

efficient option (usage examples)

efficient organization (phrases)

efficient organization (usage examples)

efficient package (phrases)

efficient package (usage examples)

efficient packaging (phrases)

efficient packaging (usage examples)

efficient patient flow (phrases)

efficient patient flow (usage examples)

efficient performance (phrases)

efficient performance (usage examples)

efficient performance (synonyms and related)

efficient planning (phrases)

efficient planning (usage examples)

efficient platform (phrases)

efficient platform (usage examples)

efficient portfolio (phrases)

efficient portfolio (usage examples)

efficient power (phrases)

efficient power (usage examples)

efficient powertrain (phrases)

efficient powertrain (usage examples)

efficient practice (phrases)

efficient practice (usage examples)

efficient price (phrases)

efficient price (usage examples)

efficient process (phrases)

efficient process (usage examples)

efficient process (synonyms and related)

efficient processing (phrases)

efficient processing (usage examples)

efficient processing (synonyms and related)

efficient processor (phrases)

efficient processor (usage examples)

efficient production (phrases)

efficient production (usage examples)

efficient production (synonyms and related)

efficient products (phrases)

efficient products (usage examples)

efficient removal (phrases)

efficient removal (usage examples)

efficient resolution (phrases)

efficient resolution (usage examples)

efficient response (phrases)

efficient response (usage examples)

efficient results (phrases)

efficient results (usage examples)

efficient routes (phrases)

efficient routes (usage examples)

efficient running (phrases)

efficient running (usage examples)

efficient running (synonyms and related)

efficient service (phrases)

efficient service (usage examples)

efficient service (synonyms and related)

efficient service delivery (phrases)

efficient service delivery (usage examples)

efficient solution (phrases)

efficient solution (usage examples)

efficient solution (synonyms and related)

efficient source (phrases)

efficient source (usage examples)

efficient source (synonyms and related)

efficient spending (phrases)

efficient spending (usage examples)

efficient staff (phrases)

efficient staff (usage examples)

efficient storage (phrases)

efficient storage (usage examples)

efficient strategy (phrases)

efficient strategy (usage examples)

efficient strategy (synonyms and related)

efficient structure (phrases)

efficient structure (usage examples)

efficient supply (phrases)

efficient supply (usage examples)

efficient support (phrases)

efficient support (usage examples)

efficient system (phrases)

efficient system (usage examples)

efficient system (synonyms and related)

efficient team (phrases)

efficient team (usage examples)

efficient team (synonyms and related)

efficient techniques (phrases)

efficient techniques (usage examples)

efficient technologies (phrases)

efficient technologies (usage examples)

efficient technologies (synonyms and related)

efficient time (phrases)

efficient time (usage examples)

efficient time (synonyms and related)

efficient time management (phrases)

efficient time management (usage examples)

efficient tool (phrases)

efficient tool (usage examples)

efficient tool (synonyms and related)

efficient trading (phrases)

efficient trading (usage examples)

efficient transfer (phrases)

efficient transfer (usage examples)

efficient transfer (synonyms and related)

efficient translation (phrases)

efficient translation (usage examples)

efficient transmission (phrases)

efficient transmission (usage examples)

efficient transport (phrases)

efficient transport (usage examples)

efficient transportation (phrases)

efficient transportation (usage examples)

efficient treatment (phrases)

efficient treatment (usage examples)

efficient turbocharged engines (phrases)

efficient turbocharged engines (usage examples)

efficient usage (phrases)

efficient usage (usage examples)

efficient use (phrases)

efficient use (usage examples)

efficient use (synonyms and related)

efficient use of one's time (phrases)

efficient use of one's time (usage examples)

efficient use of resources (phrases)

efficient use of resources (usage examples)

efficient use of resources (synonyms and related)

efficient use of space (phrases)

efficient use of space (usage examples)

efficient use of space (synonyms and related)

efficient use of time (phrases)

efficient use of time (usage examples)

efficient utilization (phrases)

efficient utilization (usage examples)

efficient utilization (synonyms and related)

efficient vehicle (phrases)

efficient vehicle (usage examples)

efficient vehicle (synonyms and related)

efficient way (phrases)

efficient way (usage examples)

efficient way (synonyms and related)

efficient weight loss (phrases)

efficient weight loss (usage examples)

efficient work (phrases)

efficient work (usage examples)

efficient work (synonyms and related)

efficient worker (phrases)

efficient worker (usage examples)

efficient workflow (phrases)

efficient workflow (usage examples)

efficient workout (phrases)

efficient workout (usage examples)

efficient writers (phrases)

efficient writers (usage examples)

efficieny (phrases)

efficieny (usage examples)

effiency (phrases)

effiency (usage examples)

effigy (phrases)

effigy (usage examples)

effigy (synonyms and related)

effin (phrases)

effin (usage examples)

effing (phrases)

effing (usage examples)

effleurage (phrases)

effleurage (usage examples)

efflorescence (phrases)

efflorescence (usage examples)

effluence (phrases)

effluence (usage examples)

effluent (phrases)

effluent (usage examples)

effluvia (phrases)

effluvia (usage examples)

effluvium (phrases)

effluvium (usage examples)

effluvium (synonyms and related)

efflux (phrases)

efflux (usage examples)

efflux (synonyms and related)

efflux pumps (phrases)

efflux pumps (usage examples)

effluxion (phrases)

effluxion (usage examples)

effluxion of time (phrases)

effluxion of time (usage examples)

effor (phrases)

effor (usage examples)

efford (phrases)

efford (usage examples)

effort (phrases)

effort (usage examples)

effort (synonyms and related)

effort and money (phrases)

effort and money (usage examples)

effort and money (synonyms and related)

effort and time (phrases)

effort and time (usage examples)

effort and time (synonyms and related)

effort at goal (phrases)

effort at goal (usage examples)

effort at reform (phrases)

effort at reform (usage examples)

effort basis (phrases)

effort basis (usage examples)

effort being made (phrases)

effort being made (usage examples)

effort blocked (phrases)

effort blocked (usage examples)

effort cleared off the line (phrases)

effort cleared off the line (usage examples)

effort day (phrases)

effort day (usage examples)

effort for someone (phrases)

effort for someone (usage examples)

effort from distance (phrases)

effort from distance (usage examples)

effort from someone (phrases)

effort from someone (usage examples)

effort grade (phrases)

effort grade (usage examples)

effort in futility (phrases)

effort in futility (usage examples)

effort in this area (phrases)

effort in this area (usage examples)

effort in this direction (phrases)

effort in this direction (usage examples)

effort invested (phrases)

effort invested (usage examples)

effort involved (phrases)

effort involved (usage examples)

effort level (phrases)

effort level (usage examples)

effort level (synonyms and related)

effort like this (phrases)

effort like this (usage examples)

effort like this (synonyms and related)

effort needed (phrases)

effort needed (usage examples)

effort of one's own (usage examples)

effort of someone (phrases)

effort of someone (usage examples)

effort on goal (phrases)

effort on goal (usage examples)

effort on one's part (phrases)

effort on one's part (usage examples)

effort on one's part (synonyms and related)

effort on target (phrases)

effort on target (usage examples)

effort over the bar (phrases)

effort over the bar (usage examples)

effort put in (phrases)

effort put in (usage examples)

effort required (phrases)

effort required (usage examples)

effort requirements (phrases)

effort requirements (usage examples)

effort saved (phrases)

effort saved (usage examples)

effort someone (phrases)

effort someone (usage examples)

effort someone have made (phrases)

effort someone have made (usage examples)

effort someone have put in (phrases)

effort someone have put in (usage examples)

effort someone make (phrases)

effort someone make (usage examples)

effort someone put in (phrases)

effort someone put in (usage examples)

effort someone put into something (phrases)

effort someone put into something (usage examples)

effort someone put into something (synonyms and related)

effort something takes (phrases)

effort something takes (usage examples)

effort taken (phrases)

effort taken (usage examples)

effort to date (phrases)

effort to date (usage examples)

effort towards goal (phrases)

effort towards goal (usage examples)

effortful (phrases)

effortful (usage examples)

effortful (synonyms and related)

effortful control (phrases)

effortful control (usage examples)

effortless (phrases)

effortless (usage examples)

effortless (synonyms and related)

effortless acceleration (phrases)

effortless acceleration (usage examples)

effortless access (phrases)

effortless access (usage examples)

effortless application (phrases)

effortless application (usage examples)

effortless beauty (phrases)

effortless beauty (usage examples)

effortless charm (phrases)

effortless charm (usage examples)

effortless charm (synonyms and related)

effortless chic (phrases)

effortless chic (usage examples)

effortless chic look (phrases)

effortless chic look (usage examples)

effortless comfort (phrases)

effortless comfort (usage examples)

effortless control (phrases)

effortless control (usage examples)

effortless driving (phrases)

effortless driving (usage examples)

effortless ease (phrases)

effortless ease (usage examples)

effortless ease (synonyms and related)

effortless elegance (phrases)

effortless elegance (usage examples)

effortless elegance (synonyms and related)

effortless ensemble (phrases)

effortless ensemble (usage examples)

effortless experience (phrases)

effortless experience (usage examples)

effortless fashion (phrases)

effortless fashion (usage examples)

effortless feel (phrases)

effortless feel (usage examples)

effortless flow (phrases)

effortless flow (usage examples)

effortless glamour (phrases)

effortless glamour (usage examples)

effortless grace (phrases)

effortless grace (usage examples)

effortless holiday (phrases)

effortless holiday (usage examples)

effortless look (phrases)

effortless look (usage examples)

effortless manner (phrases)

effortless manner (usage examples)

effortless manner (synonyms and related)

effortless movement (phrases)

effortless movement (usage examples)

effortless outfit (phrases)

effortless outfit (usage examples)

effortless performance (phrases)

effortless performance (usage examples)

effortless pieces (phrases)

effortless pieces (usage examples)

effortless power (phrases)

effortless power (usage examples)

effortless process (phrases)

effortless process (usage examples)

effortless recipe (phrases)

effortless recipe (usage examples)

effortless sophistication (phrases)

effortless sophistication (usage examples)

effortless statement (phrases)

effortless statement (usage examples)

effortless steering (phrases)

effortless steering (usage examples)

effortless style (phrases)

effortless style (usage examples)

effortless style (synonyms and related)

effortless styling (phrases)

effortless styling (usage examples)

effortless summer (phrases)

effortless summer (usage examples)

effortless task (phrases)

effortless task (usage examples)

effortless task (synonyms and related)

effortless touch (phrases)

effortless touch (usage examples)

effortless transition (phrases)

effortless transition (usage examples)

effortless vibe (phrases)

effortless vibe (usage examples)

effortless waves (phrases)

effortless waves (usage examples)

effortless way (phrases)

effortless way (usage examples)

effortless way (synonyms and related)

effortless weekend (phrases)

effortless weekend (usage examples)

effortless weight (phrases)

effortless weight (usage examples)

effortless weight loss (phrases)

effortless weight loss (usage examples)

effortlessness (phrases)

effortlessness (usage examples)

efforts made (phrases)

efforts made (usage examples)

efforts of (phrases)

efforts of (usage examples)

efforts of government (phrases)

efforts of government (usage examples)

efforts of government (synonyms and related)

efforts of many (usage examples)

efforts of one's team (phrases)

efforts of one's team (usage examples)

efforts of others (phrases)

efforts of others (usage examples)

efforts of others (synonyms and related)

efforts of students (phrases)

efforts of students (usage examples)

efforts of the players (phrases)

efforts of the players (usage examples)

efforts of the state government (phrases)

efforts of the state government (usage examples)

efforts someone are making (phrases)

efforts someone are making (usage examples)

efforts someone have made in writing this article (usage examples)

efforts to the contrary (phrases)

efforts to the contrary (usage examples)

effrontery (phrases)

effrontery (usage examples)

effulgence (phrases)

effulgence (usage examples)

effusion (phrases)

effusion (usage examples)

effusion (synonyms and related)

effusive (phrases)

effusive (usage examples)

effusive (synonyms and related)

effusive praise (phrases)

effusive praise (usage examples)

effusive praise (synonyms and related)

effusiveness (phrases)

effusiveness (usage examples)

efile (phrases)

efile (usage examples)

efiling (phrases)

efiling (usage examples)

efore (phrases)

efore (usage examples)

eform (phrases)

eform (usage examples)

efort (phrases)

efort (usage examples)

efron (phrases)

efron (usage examples)

eft (phrases)

eft (usage examples)

efund (phrases)

efund (usage examples)

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