Phrases with «bw»

Sentences with «bw» (usage examples):

  • EFSA's Scientific Opinion on the Safety of Caffeine concluded that «single doses of caffeine up to 200 mg (about 3mg/kg bw) from all sources do not raise safety concerns for the general adult population, even if consumed less than two hours prior to intense physical exercise under normal environmental conditions» 32. (
  • Fishon... maybe you misunderstood... what I was trying to say was that what precedes specific moral precepts is what some call The Moral Law.Yr example of it's supposed weakness mistakes murder and the taking of a life for religious purposes.We wd think of it as murder, they obviously didn't, just as we wd think burning a witch wd bw wrong, but it wasn't too long ago that it was encouraged, by Christians nonetheless. (
  • Here the bandwidth (bw) equals nw/Nwin, where nw is time-bandwidth product of discrete prolate spheroidal sequences used in the multi-tapers, and Nwin is length (in data points) of the running window. (
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