Phrases with «gab»

A gab or gap (Old Occitan [ˈɡap], "boast") is a troubadour boasting song. It is often considered related to the tenso and partimen, two types of debate poem. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «gab» (usage examples):

  • Long Island Republican Rep. Pete King hopes his gift of gab convinced Trump to support funding a stalled rail tunnel linking New York and New Jersey, saying the two conferred about the $ 30 billion Gateway Project the president has vowed to block during the annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon on Capitol Hill. (
  • Mistress America refers to two things: one is Greta Gerwig's character, Brooke, a happy-clappy career flake with the gift of the gab, but whose words are as shallow as a puddle. (
  • With a gift for gab ~ he gets recognized for his work as the anchorman for the schools morning news. (
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