Phrases with «habeas corpus»

Habeas corpus (; Medieval Latin meaning literally "that you have the body") is a recourse in law through which a person can report an unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court and request that the court order the custodian of the person, usually a prison official, to bring the prisoner to court, to determine whether the detention is lawful.The writ of habeas corpus is known as "the great and efficacious writ in all manner of illegal confinement", being a remedy available to the meanest against the mightiest. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «habeas corpus» (usage examples):

  • Reviewed and analyzed habeas corpus petitions and served as point-person for all prisoner litigation. (
  • Petitioner does not cite any precedent — and there appears to be none — in state law, or under English common law, that an animal could be considered a «person» for the purposes of common-law habeas corpus relief. (
  • It is most often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, as a response to charges that he was violating the United States Constitution by suspending habeas corpus during the American Civil War. (
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