Phrases with «hired hand»

Sentences with «hired hand» (usage examples):

  • Eager to retain his 90 % equity stake — the rest is owned by friends and family — he has resisted bringing on employees, preferring to pay hired hands on an as-needed basis. (
  • Using targeted and industry specific keywords and establishing proper visual hierarchy of elements through layout, we ensure that your resume sounds like you, not some snotty hired hand who churns out generic resumes on a daily basis. (
  • 3:15 am (22nd)-- IFC — The Piano I often find Jane Campion films overly pretentious, but this one strikes the right chord, with Holly Hunter as a mute woman in an arranged marriage who finds love with one of her husbands» hired hands — but stealing the show is her young daughter, an Oscar-winning performance by Anna Paquin. (
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