Phrases with «insatiable greed»

Sentences with «insatiable greed» (usage examples):

  • «The Green Belt Movement is shocked and embarrassed by the continuing reckless and insatiable greed for forests, rivers and wetlands despite the inevitable suffering that is befalling the people of this country,» she [Maathai] says. (
  • The oppressors, a small elite motivated by insatiable greed, exploit the labor of the masses in order to realize their egoistic desires. (
  • Let's just say that after the Savings & Loan train wreck in the US in the 90's I didn't believe it was possible for them to come up with another way to financially self destruct but due to their insatiable greed not only did they ruin their economy, Europe and many of their other allies are still on the brink of financial ruin today. (
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