Phrases with «jabot»

Jabot may be: Jabot Cosmetics, fictional company depicted in the soap Young and the Restless Jabot, a knot in an Ascot tie Jabot Airport, an airport on Jabat Island in the Marshall Islands Jabat Island, an island in the Marshall Islands Jabot (neckwear) Jabot (window) (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «jabot» (usage examples):

  • Instead I had back labor, I was induced without my permission for no known reason as labor had already begun the night before, I ended up writhing in unrelieved pain, I took the drugs, two epidurals, which became dislodged and ineffective and they gave me pit despite my stating concerns, so pit with no pain meds, then after 48 hrs of jabot I was broken, I ended up with an unconscious c section and have no clear memories of my daughter until the next day. (
  • In order to create the illusion of volume, a thin young lady can decorate her wedding dress with frills and jabots in necessary places. (
  • Are swags and jabots making a comeback in window treatments? (
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