Phrases with «kaboodle»

Kaboodle is a spelling derivation of the English word "caboodle", meaning a group, bunch, lot, pack, or collection of things or people. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «kaboodle» (usage examples):

  • So, if you — like most of the world — consider the «offline» state of an OS installation the whole kit and kaboodle, then Windows 10 installations just got a helluva lot faster. (
  • SL trim is the whole kaboodle, with 19-inch wheels, heated leather seats, the 7-inch navigation system with Siri, and the surround-view camera for a starting price of $ 27,030. (
  • We've been driving them since December on the Volt, and since January on the Leaf, and sometime at the end of this year, we're moving the whole kit and kaboodle over to Berkeley — relocating. (
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