Phrases with «lexicographer»

Sentences with «lexicographer» (usage examples):

  • I was fortunate to work with major publishing houses» linguists and lexicographer dictionary makers, as well as varied textbook topics; and with professors: authors here cross country as well as stateside, helping their theses and manuscripts get into galleys. (
  • Simmons is a lexicographer who fuses live material and conceptual conceit; she deconstructs and retains a relation to specific times and places. (
  • The panel's four speakers — Lord Judge; Lord Justice Stephen Tomlinson of the UK Court of Appeal (who was not an author); A.E. Dick Howard, Magna Carta scholar and professor of law at the University of Virginia; and lexicographer Bryan A. Garner — underscored the extent to which Magna Carta forms the foundation of the most important principles of American law, including due process, habeas corpus, and the right to trial by jury. (
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