Phrases with «longing»

Longing is a 2013 play by the Scottish writer William Boyd, based on the short stories My Life ("The Story of a Provincial") and "A Visit to Friends" by the Russian author Anton Chekhov. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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Sentences with «longing» (usage examples):

  • But the pangs of intense longing that burst through my chest continued to intensify, every time I imagined running free through the desert, dancing in the jungle, swimming naked in the ocean, sleeping under the stars, falling in love in a faraway land... My rational mind couldn't wrap itself around these dreams: How will I make money? (
  • «The window is a metaphor for unfulfilled longing,» the exhibition description notes — which could just as easily apply to Crewdson's series. (
  • Another intricate cityscape to explore might fill the stomach with a sense of longing and excitement, but a traipse through yet another poison-filled swamp is just as likely to induce groans and gratuitous eye-rolling. (
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