Phrases with «pac»

Sentences with «pac» (usage examples):

  • Primary control is delivered via an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix ™ programmable automation controller (PAC), which controls a four - or six-axis servo indexing systems controlled by Allen-Bradley Kinetix ® 5500 servo drives. (
  • Efforts to prevent poisonings related to Procter & Gamble's liquid laundry pacs continue with the company's latest packaging innovation: a harder-to-open Child-Guard closure on tubs of Tide PODS and Gain Flings. (
  • im 6ft 5 i have a 6 pac and a 11inch **** oh yeah and i alos love playing halo my gamertag for xbox360 is «ArSeNiC Jr» so hmu if you want to know more;) (
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