Phrases with «qua»

Qua is the eleventh and final album by German Krautrock band Cluster, released in May 2009 on Nepenthe Music. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «qua» (usage examples):

  • I believe that while voters don't see the environment as an overt national priority, they do see it as an underlying sine qua non — something that has to be looked after, that has to underpin everything else. (
  • All-or-none reward training is the quintessence — the sine qua non — of successful adult dog training. (
  • However one understands that claim (and the kind of exclusivist Christology dominant in the neo-orthodox period is neither the sole nor the proper way to understand it), one must, qua theologian, find some means of coming to terms with universalism. (
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