Phrases with «rabbinic literature»

Rabbinic literature, in its broadest sense, can mean the entire spectrum of rabbinic writings throughout Jewish history. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «rabbinic literature» (usage examples):

  • Canon Redford touches upon a number of fascinating themes: his contention that John's description of Jesus as the «Word of God» is rooted more in rabbinic literature than in a Hellenistic culture is fascinating and opens a rich seam of possibilities. (
  • David Daube elucidates examples of human rights in rabbinic literature, and Konvitz is joined by Emmanuel Rackman and Herbert Brichto in asserting that the democratic ideals of freedom and equality are derived from Jewish values. (
  • Moreover, rabbinic literature states in several places that this conclusion to Deborah's song was not composed by the prophetess, but rather was a product of ruah ha-kodesh, a divine inspiration that caused Deborah to conclude her song in this manner. (
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