Phrases with «sybarite»

Sybarite is the solo project of musician Xian Hawkins, who played with the Silver Apples for a number of years in the 1990s. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «sybarite» (usage examples):

  • I'm a sapiosexual, sybarite with a smooth & sexy voiced. (
  • ''» Eleanor, also called Nell, is a fearful spinster who has sacrificed her own happiness to care for a hateful, invalid mother, now dead; Theodora, who calls herself Theo, is a brazen, provocative sybarite, attracted to women as well as men; Luke is a flip and boorish manipulator who (in Jackson's book) also stands to inherit Hill House someday. (
  • Long before supermodels and other sexed-up sybarites of the»90s binged and purged in its splashy boutique hotels, Miami Beach was a destination for pale, well-to-do New Yorkers seeking a respite from the concrete jungle. (
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