Phrases with «t statistic»

Sentences with «t statistic» (usage examples):

  • Negative t statistic indicates that African American/Biracial children scored higher than European American children (
  • The largest contribution to performance was given by Δ (P = 3.1 × 10 − 46, t statistic for regression coefficients), and total number of towers had a significant negative coefficient (P = 2.4 × 10 − 11), whereas the cue duration coefficient was not significantly different than zero (P = 0.64; Figure 5C). (
  • The Lambert-Quiggin school of econometrics would agree there's a likely high R - squared and t statistic, and that these «prove» that CO2 «causes» population growth and AGW, as well it may, as the same source (236, see below) shows that C3 plants (95 % of all plant matter) do best at elevated CO2 levels, eg soya, 61 % higher mass when CO2 rises from 160 to 330 ppm, with mass peaking at CO2 600 ppm (today only 380). (
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