Phrases with «to come to life»

Sentences with «to come to life» (usage examples):

  • Part 1: The Diner at Alan Cristea Gallery Part 2: The Gas Station at Poppy Sebire Scenes of small-town America come to life in Back-Roads Journeys, an exhibition of new work across two venues by British artist Boo Ritson at Alan Cristea Gallery and Poppy Sebire from 13 October. (
  • When it comes to a life insurance policy you may have for 30 years or more, a lack of preparation can be costly. (
  • Finally, it can be seen that Morris made the products of his artistic practice come to life through mastering craft techniques and the rejection of industrial processes; Warhol, on the other hand, parodied the industrial culture, with the activities of the Factory and, through this, commented the modernization process of his time. (
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