Phrases with «ub»

The Ub (Serbian Cyrillic: Уб) is a river in western Serbia, a 57 km-long right and longest tributary to Tamnava river. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «ub» (usage examples):

  • I warned Wenger some time ago that we gooners won't stand being outbid by English c ubs for players anymore. (
  • Ubiquitination of protein substrates involves a cascade of enzymatic reactions: first, Ub, a highly conserved 76-amino acid polypeptide, is activated by Ub-activating enzyme, or E1, leading to a ATP-dependent formation of high energy thiol-ester bond between the C-terminus of Ub and E1; the activated Ub is then transferred to E2s (Ub-conjugating enzymes or Ubcs). (
  • This exciting program highlighted a range ub science and techonology. (
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