Phrases with «vacancy decontrol»

Sentences with «vacancy decontrol» (usage examples):

  • Two aspects of the RTA moderate, to some extent, the extreme potential impact of illegal rents: (a) the concept of vacancy decontrol, meaning that a new lawful rent can be set when there is a new tenant (RTA, s. 113); and (b) a one-year limitation period applicable in some cases to tenant applications for rent reductions and refunds of money collected or retained in contravention of the RTA (e.g., ss. (
  • One major reason apartments exit the rent regulation system is because they are subject to something called «vacancy decontrol,» which allows landlords to deregulate a unit when a tenant leaves and the rent reaches $ 2,500 a month, up from $ 2,000 a month in 2011. (
  • Advocates disputed media reports that efforts to reform 421-a and repeal vacancy decontrol — two priorities of Mayor de Blasio — were dead, as a report found a huge loss of affordable apartments from 2002 to 2014. (
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