Phrases with «xanthophyll»

Xanthophylls (originally phylloxanthins) are yellow pigments that occur widely in nature and form one of two major divisions of the carotenoid group; the other division is formed by the carotenes. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «xanthophyll» (usage examples):

  • It covers the yellow (xanthophyll) and orange (carotene) pigments that are natural to a tree's leaves. (
  • In1995, Life Extension Mix was reformulated to include even more potent extracts of lycopene and xanthophyll, along with a 22 to 1 broccoli concentrate and numerous other disease preventing enhancements. (
  • Tagetes species also contain high amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin, which are xanthophylls that belong to the carotenoid family and exhibit powerful antioxidant and analgesic actions. (
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