Sentences with phrase «one's cab driver»

It's pretty far, but the concierge at the hotel was able to get us a cab driver for 6 hours.
The solution: Confirm your reservations yourself so you can't be fooled, and pay attention during your cab driver transactions: count the bags carefully, and check to be sure you haven't left anything on the seat.
We negotiated with our cab driver to hang on to our car seat, and he picked us up at a designated spot and time.
And tip you cab drivers well... See MoreSee Less
En route to his stockbroker job, Jack smugly offers his cab driver a $ 50 bonus if he can beat the messenger riding furiously outside his window.
On the way to the press preview, my cab driver told me he'd never buy a current-gen RAV4 because of its «feminine» styling.
This simple wisdom is known to most of our cab drivers and and bar flies but mysteriously withheld from many climate scientists.
Drivers had a new sense of urgency, most pedestrians vanished from the street to fill their bellies, and our cab driver broke his fast with a cigarette.
The same Muslim who was your doctor, your accountant, your coffee maker at DD, your cab driver, your NEIGHBOR before 9/11 are still the same Muslim in April 2011.
NAR's conference helped and the gratitude expressed by everyone from our cab driver to Harry Connick Jr. for the faith and money and volunteer rebuilding projects was constant.
Alternatively, just keep telling your cab driver to take you there.
After a lengthy and tense build up, the film explodes into a series of chase and action sequences as our cab driver gets on the wrong side of the police and two rival gangs.
«No, liiiimin»,» corrects my cab driver and native Anguillian, Lowell, while maneuvering his van along one of the few thin streets in the country.
Due to a religious parade, my cab driver politely asked if he could let me off early, instead of dropping me off at Brodies.
«Either power or gas,» lamented my cab driver.
For those of you not familiar with this whole Hulk Hogan thing going on, basically for the entire month of October 2014 players of Crazy Taxi City Rush can hire Hulk Hogan as their cab driver, complete with his voice and likeness.
On the way back to my hotel one night, I ask my cab driver what he thinks of the Americani and their new stadium.
However, our cab driver, Juan — who was taking us from Cusco to Oyantaytambo — encouraged us to make a stop.
Actually, something even more insane, on day one my cab driver was held by the police (I had only 15 minutes left before KTZ started) and he had to get out of his cab... endless minutes later, KTZ was already over, I finally arrived at Somerset House... Perfect!
GPS navigation in the smartphone is one of the biggest boons by technology as even in an unknown city, you can find your way through or even be aware if your cab driver is taking you on the right way or not.
The weather is getting colder day by day (today I woke up to 42 degrees) and my cab driver, a Fairbanks native, told me he expects the first snowfall by the 15th of September.
Much is made of the film's final sequence, a long shot focused on Clayton as he rides away from the hysteria in his life, desperate for his cab driver to «just drive.»
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