Sentences with phrase «useless exercise»

I see the same guys in 6-7 times a week doing no warmup, no pre or post workout cardio and usually start off with their stupid cable crossovers first thing (one of the most useless exercises on earth).
Supporters view it as an essential safeguard to control risks, while opponents argue that prohibiting financial products from the Chinese carbon market will lower trading activities, making the trial run a useless exercise.
That's how strong, impressive drug-free bodies are built, not loafing around the gym half the day, sitting on every useless exercise machine there, and deluding yourself into thinking you're working hard.
Doesn't Naseem Taleb argue that speculating or using thin tail probabilities is essentially a useless exercise because their relative uncertainty when combined with vulnerability can lead to a very wide range of possible impacts.
With that kind of attitude you'll wind up breaking your body down with useless exercise, spending three hours at the gym and getting nothing done except for stressing and overtraining with no real balance or gains.
And if you can't pin down Amazon's volume and market growth (ignoring the even greater challenge of placing a dollar figure on it, which is what the industry is most interested in), comparing other stores» perceived volumes to Amazon is a pretty useless exercise.
Even the objection that it's a pretty useless exercise because people will simply adopt the LSUC template and leave it at that, is offset by the response, if that's all you have to do, what are you complaining about?
I think everyone wonders if the choices they made were ultimately the best choices, even if we logically know that that's a useless exercise to indulge in, and even if we feel totally confident about what we chose.
Therapists and personal trainers started condemning full sit ups as a useless exercise that works the hip flexors (not the abs) and puts undue stress on the lower back.
The Commuter was certainly conceived as more of action movie than Murder on the Orient Express was, but it justifies its existence and doesn't feel like a useless exercise in showing off your A-list cast.
Every single day I shake my head while watching people around me doing useless exercises, using too much weight, and performing every movement improperly.
But when it comes to ab workouts, people are doing useless exercises and wasting money on «gadgets» that promise fast results.
You need to eat more of the correct foods and stop doing hours of useless exercise.
This is isn't because building a «portfolio optimizer» is difficult: it's because it's a useless exercise.
Telling someone after the fact when they should have bought and sold is a useless exercise.
And, it seems to me a rather useless exercise (even hypocritical) to blast people with one's beliefs.
So discovering someone who has an undiagnosed arrhythmia isn't a useless exercise: Rather, it might just save a life.
I want to help other guys get the bodies they want without wasting time on useless exercises and diets.
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